Stranded on an Island Story Quiz

This one of those story quizzes when you pick the direction the story goes and what happens along the way, sort of like a multidirectional storywriter game There are five possible conclusions to the story, but not all of the answers have one absolute end that they lead to. It's rather the sum total of which kind of questions you choose.

In this exciting story you are Tom, an executive on his way to vacation in Tahiti. Unfortunately, you are intercepted by a typhoon and end up stranded on an island. Will you escape? Do you have what it takes to make it off the island? You can only know if you give it a try...

Created by: Bing & Bob

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  1. So, you step on to the plane and walk over to your seat. While fastening your seatbelt, you glanced around at the other passengers climbing aboard, placing their carryon in the luggage compartments, and seating themselves. One of the passengers dropped a red and yellow apple, which rolls across the floor and under the pilot’s seat. Thoughts?
  2. The Beechcraft whizzes down the runway and takes off into the air. You
  3. Now the plane is in the air and the stewardess is offering refreshments. You have
  4. Now you're a little bored and decide to peruse the flight magazine. A article catches your eye:
  5. You finish reading your article and realize how exhausted you are. You lean back in your seat and close your eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep. You dream about
  6. Abruptly you awake, as you feel yourself being thrown forward, crashing your head on the seat in front of you. Heavy rain is beating on the walls of the plane, and lightning flashes intensely, bringing its deafening sound moments after it. The Beechcraft thrashes from side to side, rapidly decreasing in altitude. In that terrified moment, the passengers realized what was going to happen, hardly wanting to believe it. Then they felt the aircraft plunge into the ocean, breaking into pieces at the same time. You find yourself underwater surrounded by the wreckage of the plane. Desperately treading water, you struggle to the surface and look around, but can only see water- water of waves around you, water in the sky, crashing down on you, rain, and salt spray. You see a mangled wing of the plane and thought you see a figure clinging to it, before another wave splashes on top of you and the thrashing undercurrents drag you under. You say/think
  7. Then
  8. Pick whichever one matching your last answer
  9. You drag yourself to your feet, and decide to explore this tiny island you find yourself stranded on. Suddenly, you hear a loud shout, and run around a grove of trees to discover
  10. Fill in the previous blank with an object
  11. You stare intently at the object and declare with feeling,
  12. Now the real problem had arrived:
  13. And so the two of you slowly starve, getting thinner and weaker. Your bones start to show through your skin. Still you ponder and debate and occasionally, fight.
  14. Then one day you decide to crawl over to a part of the island you've never been before.
  15. Fill in with an action. This is the last question, then you can read the end of the story and find out your fate. (If you're reading this, Jordan, good luck and comment!)

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