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Hello people of gtq! welcome to my second story quiz! this one is based of a book that I am writing. But in order for it to make a good story quiz i had to change the plot line a little.

Ok so your name is Akuji reason you are 15 and live in Queens island Australia. You have and older brother and a really bad history with the law. so yea have fun!

Created by: xforgetXmex

  1. So you just got out of Juvi for the 8th time. As you walk out the door you decide that you need new clothes so you stop at hot topic. as you are checking out and Luke (tall, slimish, brown hair, greenish eyes_) comes up to you and the front guy asks "hey sexy, Whats your name?" You say...
  2. You leave to go to your brothers best friends house then relize that he is not there so you go to the park were you see your best friends Seth (Black hair, slim, tall, blue eyes) and Alex (Black hairs, grey black eyes, tallish, slim)YOu run over to them. Who do you hug first?
  3. You hug Seth first (sorry had to) he hugs you back for what feels like 33 hours but is really only 10 minutes. But that is long enough for Luke to go and chat with Alex and freak Alex out. The he comes over to talk to you "Yo Akuji, you ok you look like you have been crying." You say...
  4. So you say whatever you say and the Luke says "Watch out for that Seth guy. He's bad news doll face." then he leaves and you walk over to Alex and Seth. an pull out a t-shirt that you bought for one of them Who did you buy it for?
  5. After you give the t shirt the one you bought it for Alex says lets go see Garrett (brown hair, green eyes, slim, tall). You all have second thoughts about going when you get to his work because his boss is there but he sees you before you can leave and walks over to you guys."Hey Akuji how was it?" you say...
  6. You all talk to each other for a while then the next thing you know you are being held down outside buy Seth, Garrett, Alex, and Garrett's boss and Garrett is also one the phone with your brother. what do you do?
  7. Garrett told you that your brother was really mad and you contemplate going home right them but you decide not to. So you go back to the park with Alex and Seth.
  8. you get home at 10:39 pm your brother is waitting for you on the cough with the look that you know all to well the look that say your in big trouble and im not changing my mind at all. HE tells you that he mad and that he really wishes you would try to control your temper. you say...
  9. you get to your room and see Luke sitting on your bed paying around with a stuffed animal that is very important to you. what do you do?
  10. you stay in your room and Luke leaves then you parents come up...

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