Think u know me

The reason i created this quiz because i wanted to see how many people acually know me and the other reason i made this because i was board. Just kidding about the board part i just kinda good of just making qustions up i made a few up i just wanted people to know a little more about me so good luck taking the quiz the topic i just wanted to be created so i kinda like my title "think u know me"i think that

Are u a genius? Do u have the brainpower to qualify for that prestigious title? Untill now u could only wonder. thanks to this great quiz, in just minutes u will find out

Created by: Roger House

  1. What is my favorite rock band?
  2. What Game system do i own?
  3. What is my favorite NFL team?
  4. Who is my favorite college team?
  5. Who is my favorite wrestler?
  6. What is my favorite food
  7. What is the name of my dog?
  8. What is my middle name?
  9. What is my favorite song?
  10. What is my favorite sport?
  11. What grade am i in?
  12. what is my favorite movie?
  13. Who is my favorite greenday member?
  14. How many playboys do i own?
  15. What is my favorite soda?
  16. How many brothers do i have?
  17. what is my favorite season?
  18. How many games do i own?
  19. What is my favorite candy?
  20. What is my favorite holiday?

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