If Your Pet Was Stranded In The Wild...

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your pet if it was stranded in the wilderness by itself? Well wonder no more! This accurate quiz will test your pet's intelligence and strength to determine what would really happen in that situation! You have been warned that not all pets are suitable to survive on their own. Only true, great pets will survive.

*Unrelated to quiz. :) Its me again! I come up with all my quiz ideas originally, believe it or not, so please don't be stealing my ideas. :P As I have stated before, if you rate this quiz low please state why and by honest. I want to know, I promise I won't be offended, I just want to improve my quiz's. Thanks everyone~!

Created by: Sunday1
  1. Its a warm summer night and you are camping with your friends in the wilderness. You had brought along your favorite pet. What kind of pet is this?
  2. In the morning your pet has run off.(you saw that coming didn't you? :P) Your friends ask you if you have any useful information on your pet to help find it. You say...
  3. (Needless to say, you don't find your pet. Now onto the important questions.) What is the size of your pet?
  4. In general how fast would you say your pet is running at full speed?
  5. If your pet was in a competition what would it win trophies at?
  6. Has your pet ever should aggression, greediness, or any other bad trait.
  7. Would you say in general that your pet likes indoors or outdoors more?
  8. If your pet is a herbivore or omnivore, which of these is your pet's favorite meal?
  9. If your pet is a carnivore or omnivore, which of these does it prefer?
  10. How old is your pet?

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Quiz topic: If my Pet Was Stranded In The Wild...