Which story should I go with?

I would like to know which of these I should go for and write, so whichever answer you get, go ahead and comment if you like it or not. I will either judge by the comments, or the answers people get.

Sorry if you don't like it, I really did try, and I was kinda running out of words and answers and ideas, so yeah. People, take this quiz if you wanna and have a nice day!

Created by: lolfacemady
  1. Which is a better name?
  2. Which sounds lease desirable?
  3. Color? (of these)
  4. Select a quote.
  5. Which sounds the most interesting?
  6. Pick one that the character would desire: Knowledge, hope, or justice?
  7. Which one would the character hate?
  8. Should the character be headstrong, physical strong, or verbally strong? This will play a big part in all of these books, though you won't be able to notice, likely.
  9. Which of these would be the character's worst fear?
  10. Last question. I know you're all gonna hate this, but will you check me out on Wattpad? My name's Bleufear. (no effect.)

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