Prison Break part 2

IMPORTANT INFORMATION. ONE: as long as the story gets more continues than discontinues, then the story will continue on. If the story has more discontinues, the story will be wrapped up.

TWO: this and pretty much all of these chapters are SPOILERS for the ending of Delinquents. So if you want to read Delinquents first, go ahead now before you read this. If you don't want to, this gives a bit of info on what has happened.

Created by: chopinssonata

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  1. Everyone in this world seems oblivious to what's happening around them. Teachers tell children and people of all ages 'it's not real. That's the difference between fact and fiction'. But I beg to differ. That's just what they want you to think. That vampires aren't real and ghosts are simply just projections. Those who believe that are terribly mistaken.
  2. There are 7 dominant races. Vampire, Shapeshifter, Werewolf, Angel, Elf, Ghost and Human. There are a few individuals who have the qualities of both. There's one race in particular that have almost completely gone extinct. One that's ranked above all yet not the most known. One that contains the supernatural abilities of all races. There is no exact name for it but let's call them the Unknown.
  3. There's a prison that the government created where supernatural beings like myself seems to get shoved in. 'Humans and supernaturals can't coexist on Earth' is what the government had said before shoving supernaturals into that prison. They claim it's more peaceful with us trapped in that cage.
  4. They even tried to catch a Vampire who was leading a rebellion who had been said to never had been caught but I bet that's when the prison was made and he was thrown in. I bet you know this rebel, he did the Whitechapel killings. He was also known as Jack The Ripper.
  5. There was a tale about an Unknown who was sent to that very prison. She eventually became placed as an Unknown and was forced into making a decision. She was forced to pick who she wanted to be with for the rest of her life. It must've been too much and she jumped from the rooftop. What was supposedly the last Unknown
  6. Some say the body was never found but others say there was a funeral and they saw the body. Who knows.
  7. "Henry, we need to leave here soon."
  8. "Why I was just getting attached to this place?" He said patting one of the seats.
  9. "I know. Word is on the streets that police have been asking questions. We need to leave before they discover us. I set up a place in an old basement in a shut down arcade. You should go tomorrow. I'll meet you there, I have to see a friend.
  10. This may bring it down to one question I was going to answer in the beginning.
  11. 'What am I?'
  12. No idea but, I have memories of the previous Unknown and I'm starting to remember bit by bit.
  13. THIS ONE COUNTS. Continue or discontinue?

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