Secrets of the Street 1

A new story by S_E_! This story has no roleplaying, it's just for fun. It's about Damien, who is caught between a newfound crush and doing what doesn't make him feel guilty. I've worked hard on this!

Before you say anything, no, it is not based off of the new Henry Danger special. I've had this idea for ages, and I've just now decided to publish it as a story. It's pretty late now, so I'll continue this in the ending paragraph.

Created by: S_E_
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  1. Damien woke up, rubbing hs head. He had attempted to pull an all-nighter studying, but had fallen asleep at his desk. He showered and got dressed, and walked to the kitchen for breakfast. His father was in his police uniform, but his mother was in her bath robe. "What the matter Momma, sick?" He asked, kissing the top of her head. "No," She replyed. "Only the police, fire departmment, and EMT's are going to work today, those theives are way too dangerouse." She said, sipping her coffee. Damien's father stood up. "I'll be home later. I don't want either of you to leave the house.
  2. Later that day, Damien heard the front door open. "I'm home for dinner!" His dad said. Over dinner they discussed the issiue with a band of criminals stealing expensive items. "So far we're pretty sure there's only males in this group," Damien's father continued. "But tonight they're going to hit the museum. We're doing a stakeout. Hey, Damien why don't you come? It'll be easy."
  3. After some arguing(Mom:No. Dad:Yes. etc.), It was decided that Damien would go. His father took him to the museum and they set up base. "I have to use the bathroom." Damien said after a while. "Okay, be quick!" His father replied. Damien didn't really need to use the bathroom, he just wanted to leave. He leaned against a wall, until he heard footsteps and saw someone running. "Stop!" He said. He ran and caught the person's hood, pulling it down to reveal... long dirty blonde hair?
  4. The person turned around, and Damien found himself staring into a girl's deep brown eyes. She tried to pull away, but he kept a firm hold. "I'm not letting you go." He said. "Who are you, my mom?" The girl kicked him in the gut, and he let go, falling to the ground. She started to run away, then came back. She crouched down. "If you're that reluctant to let me go, then meet me here on the roof, tomorrow night at ten. Come alone." She picked up Damien's head and kissed his cheek.
  5. Back at home, Damien sat with an ice pack on his head. "So what did he look like, the guy who knocked you down?" His father asked. "I don't remember." Damien lied. His father wiped his cheek. "Knocked you down on something sticky though..."
  6. The next day Damien couldn't focus. Nobody was alowed to leave their house unless absolutly nessecary, so at nine thirty he shut his bedroom door and locked it. He opened the window and carefully climbed down. He made his way to the museum, hiding from police officers in shadows. I feel like a criminal, he thought. When he finally made it up to the museum roof, the girl was sitting waiting. "Hey." He said. She turned. "You came alone?" She asked. Damien nodded. She stood and came to him. "What's your name?" She asked. "Damien, and my dad's a cop. So don't try anything." "Oh don't worry Damien, I wont."
  7. Damien found himself staring into her eyes again. Oh, those eyes. "What's your name?" He asked. She smiled. "How do I know you wont tell your dad?" She grabbed his hands, and put them around her waist. Damien's heart started pounding.
  8. "Because of this..." He said. He kissed her softly, then pulled away from her. "No! I can't. I'd be betraying my dad." She came up next to him. "Beatrice..." She whispered. Damien looked around, but Beatrice had vanished. "Beatrice?"
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