How Well Do You Know Street Fighter IV?

Ryu, knows a lot about the Street Fighter Universe.... Do you? See if you have what it takes to know all the answers of this quiz about Street Fighter IV.....

Are you the next Street Fighter director?! Test your knowledge about Street Fighter IV in this quiz and see how you rank in the 'Fighter's Old Axiom' today!!

Created by: Khan

  1. Which one of these characters are not in Street Fighter IV?
  2. How many Ultra Combos do the players have?
  3. Which one of these characters were not new to the Street Fighter series?
  4. When did Street Fighter 4 come out?
  5. Where was Abel born?
  6. What is C.Viper's Ultra Combo called?
  7. Who is Ryu's voice actor
  8. Who were the two fighters cut from Street Fighter IV?
  9. Which company produced Street Fighter IV
  10. What does Akuma mean in real life?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Street Fighter IV?