How Well Can You Fight?

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There are many different type of fighters . You've got boxers, karate fighters, martial arts, a street fighter, or maybe just a video game fighter. This quiz is to see how good you are in a real street fight. GOOD LUCK.

Do you think you can fight? Do you feel that your unstoppable? Take this quiz to find out! You might be a champion. Or maybe a Chump. Whatever you get don't take it too seriously.

Created by: Lena
  1. If someone random walks up to you and start swearing what would you do?
  2. So lets say they pushed you , now what do you do?
  3. You guys are on the floor fighting, What is your main objective?
  4. Someone breaks up the fight. What do you do now?
  5. Can you punch fast, and accurately?
  6. When your fighting what are you thinking about?
  7. Is pulling hair an option for you when you fight?
  8. If someone is fighting you and they're taller and bigger than you what do you do?
  9. How many fights have you been in?
  10. Hope you enjoyed this quiz . Good Luck☆ -doesn't count against you-

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Quiz topic: How Well can I Fight?