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Hello! No special results, just a story. I have decided that I will continue this because the plot is stuck in my head. So I need to get it out. Thank you for reading part 2 of "I am suppose to be dead".

Comment if you like, it is nice to get feedback and opinions about this story quiz. Regardless I will continue it, I do not know how many parts and I will try to come out the parts at most every two days.

Created by: Gamer101

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  1. Boredom got the best of me as I laid with part of my torso hanging off of the edge. The world was upside down from my view. I exhaled slowly, it was boring in the room and it was not helpful that my memories never returned.
  2. My gaze turned to the plate of vegetables that were a few feet away from me. I could not reach it because of the metal around my ankle and wrist. Funny thing is I do not remember most but I do know a few basic things such as medals. It makes me feel like I am taking a test and can not remember all of the answers. It also makes me feel useless without knowing anything.
  3. After a while someone opened the door. Sadly it was the sarcastic man from before. "Hey kiddo, are you not going to try to kill me with carrots this time?" he held a brown board with paper on it. I will not try to hurt him with carrots but with my bare hands. "Anyways, I have to go through with this stupid procedure even though you probably don't understand any of it," he sighed. "I come in peace, do you?" I did not reply in any way. "Okay, where are you from?" he said sounding bored. Still I did not reply. The woman from before came in, "Is he talking?" The man shook his said, "he is as silent as a dead corpse. The word dead lingered in my mind, the process of death was oddly familiar with me.
  4. "Maybe we can teach this creature how to speak," the woman said happily. "Teach this thing something human?" the man raised an eyebrow. "I think it wouldn't do us any good. I mean he is obviously not friendly because he tried to kill the President of the United States. So I think it is stupid to ask these questions to a hostile creature."
  5. Who is this President of the United States? Things just do not make sense around me. First I learn about this place's strange food and then find out that I am a homicidal maniac? Who in this world am I? The woman looked at me, "it is what the report says but-" The man sighed, "But what?" "But what if he didn't try to kill the President of the USA?" the woman shrugged. As they talked I noticed a small black pin on the floor, it was close enough for me to reach. On instinct I grabbed it silently and looked at my ankles, the silver bar around it had a small hole, for a key probably. Within seconds I was able to loosen the chain.
  6. "Well maybe you should stop acting so hyped up all the time because it is annoying," the man said in the middle of their conversation. It seemed random until I realized that I have been ignoring them as I started to free myself without them noticing. Finally my left hand was free. Which meant that I could get out of here. Excitement slightly grew inside me. "Maybe you should be more fun," the woman snapped at the man. Seemed like they were getting along. I then ran pass them and closed the door behind me. I heard them yell as I slammed the door in their faces.
  7. I was inside a long dark hallway with flashing red lights in the ceiling and a loud voice repeating, "Specimen has escaped, code red." It was annoying and it made me want to rip off my ears. At least I was not bored when more humans arrived with strange black objects that matched their thick clothing. Guns, that's what they were, big guns that were pointed right at me. It was not a common pleasant situation but I felt joy and excitement grow inside me. 'This is going to be fun,' is what I thought instantly. "Do not move, I repeat do not move!" a gruff voice ordered. On instinct I ran and slid underneath a tall human and continued to run in zig-zags to avoid their fire.
  8. "After the alien! Kill it if you have to!" a voice echoed in the hallway. I noticed an air vent above me so I jumped from the wall to the ceiling to open and enter it. "It went into the air vents!" someone yelled. I decided to go the opposite direction where the humans came from. They continued down the way I was going to before. I found a small human that shook with fear. Well he did not seem like he would be worth wasting my time on except to get his weapon. I fell down from the air vents on top of the boy and snatched his gun away. Surprised he stood there as I continued my current direction. I heard footsteps ahead of me so I shot whatever was in front of me. Luckily I got the humans before they saw me coming. I was able to get a small cone like object. I threw it and white smoke blinded the humans, but not me. It actually made things quite clear.
  9. Everything was a blur, I felt filled with adrenaline as I pass through rows of human warriors until I was finally out of their reach on the outside. I wanted to go back and continue to fight but something inside me told me that I had something else to do.
  10. I found myself surrounded by tall buildings. Humans walked everywhere and wore strange clothing. For an example I was wearing all white with no shoes. Where was I? I walked on a black rough floor. "Hey watch out!" Next thing I knew I was on the ground with dark purple liquid coming out of me. People crowded around me as I lost consciousness.

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