Amnesia with a twist

Hai, the picture for this quiz, that is Nathan. This is a rewritten part one. I removed my old part one and part two I made, since I didn't put that much detail in it. So I decided to rewrite it, and put the same plot in it. Just in a different way.

YES I DID COPY AND PASTE MY FIRST PARAGRAPH! DON"T JUDGE ME I"M LAZY! Hai, this is a rewritten part one. I removed my old part one and part two I made, since I didn't put that much detail in it. So I decided to rewrite it, and put the same plot in it. Just in a different way.

Created by: batman12506
  1. I waited for the bell to finally ring. Waiting for the smallest hand to finally graze the three. Five, four, three, two, one. RING! The bell rung, as people packed their things, and shuffled out of the classroom. I noticed one person, still sitting there in the back.
  2. I put all of my things in my bag, and walked toward the door. I carefully looked back, and the person wasn't there. 'I must be losing my mind.' I thought, and started walking to my next class.
  3. As I walked down to Choir, I noticed the person again. It was finally clear, that this person is a guy. 'Is he stalking me?' I asked to myself. I lost concentration, and was pushed. Losing my balance, I thought I landed on the tile. But a set of warm, muscular hands set on my back.
  4. Our faces are so close. I lift my head to see my eyes rest upon a pair of bright blue/green eyes. I just stared at the eyes for so long. I looked a little higher to see jet black hair swept to the right of his face. Covering the rest of his hair with a black hood. His complexion was a light tan. Nothing like the people on Jersey Shore. But not so pale either. A black leather jacket, over his black jacket.
  5. He leaned in. our faces an inch apart. He stopped, just staring into my eyes. He backed away, picking me back up, so I landed on my feet. He let go of me, but his grasp still was there. He held out his hand,"I'm Nathan." I accepted his hand and shook it, "Well, nice to meet you I'm Samantha, but most people call me Sammie. And thanks for not letting me fall." I said gesturing toward the floor. He smiled, showing his white pearly teeth. Seeing his wonderful shaped lips and with the shade of perfect pink. "It would be a crime for something as pretty as you to be on the ground." I felt my face heat up, "Thanks, you're not half bad either." I teased. "Oh, half bad. I would have to take that as a compliment. Something so gorgeous as you, saying words like that to me, you can't help but take it as one." Inside, I wanted to dance around, but I didn't I remained calm and smiled again.
  6. I smile and looked up at the clock that's across the hallway from us. I didn't realize the hallway was stranded, and we were the only two left. My eyes grew when I seen the time,"10:19! I'm sorry Nathan, I'm got to go. I'm going to be left for class! I suggest you go to!" I yelled behind me as I started sprinting toward the C Hallway.
  7. The intercom started playing music to let all the students and facility know that there's one minute left for passing period. I couldn't breathe so I stopped. I put my hands on my knees.
  8. I finally have my breath leveled, as I start running again I notice something. A black figure peering out of an empty classroom. I shook my head, and continued to run.
  9. I tripped and landed on the freezing tile. I felt someone grab my waste, they lifted me over their shoulder. I didn't know what to do, I started thrashing, scratching, punching, and kicking. It didn't have any affect on this person. I couldn't see their face. But I could tell I didn't have any match for this person. Built huge, wearing all black, and yet he covered his face with a ski mask.
  10. I squirmed accidentally kicking him in the groin. He dropped me, I landed hard on my ankle. I didn't look back, I started limping towards the place Nathan saved me from falling. He wasn't there. 'What the hell am I thinking he isn't going to be here!'
  11. I looked behind me, I almost screamed. My brother! I started to run but winced at the pain, so started to limp. But reminded myself this isn't real. My brother is dead! This can't be the real him! "What the hell!" I asked to myself. I felt someone grab me again, I didn't hold back this time. I elboed the person in the gut and kicked my foot back and hit him in the groin, and turned around. Only to see Nathan! "Nathan! Oh my god! I'm so sorry, I thought you were someone else." I was so worried about Nathan, I didn't realize the person behind him until I looked up.
  12. "Um Nathan. There's someone behind you." I said with a frightened look on my face. He turned around completely forgetting about the pain. "Richard! You weren't supposed to be here!" he yelled. "Well Jeydon needed her now. Shade is coming. And he can't have Samantha roaming around freely not knowing how to defend herself." Richard replied. I felt a little upset that this stranger thinks I cannot defend myself over some person. But, this is the guy that tried to kidnap me! This is the person that tried to abduct me, without my consent. I walked up to him, he didn't seem to flinch or seem scared. I swung my left fist back, and aimed for his temple. Next thing I know I see his body go limp, and fall on the floor. I turned around to see Nathan right in front of me. "I-I-I knocked him out?" I studdered, trying to get the words out. All of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain in my right ankle, the one I hurt. I looked down to see Richard depositing a clear liquid in my vein. I felt dizzy, my eyes started to grow heavy. I closed my eyes, and my world became all dark.
  13. Hai, thank you for reading my first part out my new quiz series. I guy there wasn't that much good stuff. But I promise you, there will be a lot more in part two. And if you read my first and second part already of this quiz series. As you can tell. I rewrote it. But comment/rate?
  14. As I started walking down the steps, having my bare feet press against the cold wood steps I heard voice. I was going to get my answers some how. I carefully walked up the steps in a place that no one could see me, but still being able to hear. "Why and the hell did you f---ing make her pass out?" I heard a male's voice yell. It sounded so familiar. I wonder who's it is. "What was I supposed to do Dylan? She wasn't going to volunteer to come into a house filled with strangers that are magical beings!" said a different male voice. "Keep your voice down, she could be listening." yelled/ whispered the first male voice. I knew where that voice is so familiar, it's Nathan's! "So, you must be Samantha." said another male. I didn't hear him coming down the hallway. I turned around to see a completely stunning guy in my view. Dark brown hair, spiked up in the front to make a point, like Stephen's hair off of Vampire Diaries. A bright white beanie that covers the rest of his hair, a nice tan complexion that makes the white beanie seem brighter. Intense green eyes, with small diamond studs in both of his ears. A black V-neck t-shirt that makes his muscular build even more attractive. Dark jeans that fitted quite well, and black converse shoes. "Um, yeah. But actually it's Sammie. I'm sorry to say this, but why and the hell did Richard? I think his name is, tried to kidnap me?" I asked,remembering the noise he made when I kicked him in the groin. I smiled.

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