I am suppose to be dead (6)

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This part is slightly longer and I apologize for any errors. Well one more thing I will change the picture for this quiz series starting with this one. Just know it is a general picture of what Drake looks like. I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Gamer101
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  1. How did I end up in this situation? This human is way too close to me. I could even smell her breath. The girl had me backed up against a wall. She hugged my neck with one hand as she used the other hand to touch my chest. She pushed me closer to the wall. I was not comfortable in many ways. How did I get in this situation?
  2. Well, this human girl started to talk to me, a lot. It was a bit annoying. Unlike the other humans she was asking about my life, like if I have a girl friend or have I ever been in a serious relationship or something like that. The strangest part was that Isabella made me join the swim team so I could seem normal by being in a club. The collar was taken off of me but something even better happen. Professor Adams and Agent Matthew had the greatest idea to have me swallow a small device that will do the same exact things as the collar. That was just great.
  3. One day I was just swimming some laps. The other humans looked exhausted, how could they get tired so easily? It just shows how fragile they are. Isabella was doing her homework in the stands. I did what she told me and did not go with those people. They came to me actually. It only made her irritated. For once she understands my continuous pain, dealing with humans. "Drake!" I heard the human leader, or coach call my name. I got out and saw the lean male who had whiskers and a tan. "Tell your girlfriend to leave. This is an all boys swim team. For privacy reasons tell her to leave," he told me. "She is not exactly my friend. But will tell her to leave anyways," I sighed. "Get ride of that attitude Drake," the coach snapped as I walked up the stands. "The annoying human wants you to leave," I told Isabella. "Oh, guess I'll wait outside. Also show some respect to him," she got her things and left.
  4. When it was time to leave we had to go to the lockers. I was the last one to leave because I did not want to change next to the humans. That and the coach wanted to talk to me in private. As I waited a familiar voice said, "you look good in a swim suit." I turned me head slightly and saw Abigail. She was the girl who spoke to me first in the group that surrounded Josh. "Did you get in trouble with the coach?" she sat next to me by the water. I shrugged, "Who knows what goes on in his small head." She chuckled, "You got that right...Are you going to my boyfriend's party?" "I am not sure," I replied. "You should go there are going to be games, food and a ton of other stuff. Bell can come too." Anything human is weird enough, but a celebration leaves my throat dry for some reason. "Come one, it will be fun," she smiled.
  5. "I guess," I shrugged. "Alright! Here is the address and the party is tomorrow. See you there," she left. She handed me a small piece of paper.
  6. I told Isabella and she agreed to go. Not that I wanted to go. "I could bring my boyfriend to the party," she said happily. I thought she disliked those humans, she was so confusing. "I got to get a dress ready!" she ran to her room, I walked behind her. "Get out you pervert!" she shouted. "Well I do not want to get shocked," I said. Her face turned red slightly. "Then face the wall, alright?" she said. I did as I was told. "Turn around and tell me what you think," she said after a few minutes. I turned around and she was wearing a dark purple dress that went down to her knees. There were no sleeves and a small part of her chest showed. "What do you think?" she asked. "You look nice but I think it is a little bit too revealing," I answered her. Isabella rolled her eyes. "Why can't you be perverted for once and say that I look sexy or something?" she asked me. "What?" I said confused. "Just turn around," she sighed.
  7. The day for the party came too fast. Before I knew it I was walking with Isabella to a big house. It was dark, except for the lights that blazed from the inside. Isabella was wearing a short red dress that was halfway down her upper legs. She had high heels so she was almost my height. Her hair was curled and touched her bare shoulders gently. She also had on dark make-up. "Are you nervous?" she asked me. "No, I am not. In fact I regret coming here," I grumbled. "Then don't hang out with those jerks," she told me. "They come to me," I said. "Besides who is this boy friend of yours?" Isabella sighed, "You, just play along with it." "I thought we were just forced companions," I whispered. "What is that suppose to mean?" she asked. We were in front of the door. "It means that I could care less about you. If it was not for this collar then I would be out of here. So do not act like were are in any type of relationship past forced companions," I said to her.
  8. Isabella stayed silent throughout the party. Humans are weak creatures, being to soft to understand the simple truth. That's what makes them inferior to...I hate not knowing who or what I am. Inside me I know for certain that this is not my home and these humans are in the way of plans. Something like that. When I go to sleep I remember vivid memories about destroying the human race by taking down their leaders. At least that was what I could infer about. I did not tell to this to Professor Adams or Agent Matthew or Isabella. Who knows how they would react.
  9. Those students surrounded me again. They laughed about everything and drank strange drinks. I just smelled it and my instincts told me not to drink it. Josh sat next to me, "So are you and Bell together?" I shook my head, I would not play along with Isabella. She was annoying and too sensitive. "Why do you ask?" I said. "You guys hang out a lot," he told me. "I am forced to be around her because of higher ranking humans," I sighed. Josh laughed, what was so funny? "You have those type of parents. Dude that is weird," he giggled. "You could say that," I said. "Hey does anyone want to participate in seven minutes in heaven?" a guy held out a box. "Drake and I will!" Josh wrote on two pieces of paper. "What is this 'Seven minutes in heaven?' " I asked. "Wow, seems like your parents have a solid chain around your neck.(Funny how relatable that is.) Okay so you are left inside a room or a closet to do whatever with another person who's name is picked. If you get my meaning of anything," Josh explained. Humans do not make any sense. "Okay.." I said. "You'll have fun!" Josh said. "It will start in one hour. So let's do some karaoke!" a girl said. The humans cheered. They are loud too. What was karaoke?
  10. "Who should go first?" the same girl asked. "Let Josh sing first!" someone shouted. The humans started chanting his name. "Fine as long as I have Drake to do a duet with me," Josh pulled me up so I was standing. "Yeah!" everyone cheered. "What song should we sing?" Josh rested his arm on my shoulder. "Terrified by Katharine McPhee!" a girl said. "That stupid girly song? Sure," Josh shrugged. "Sorry babe you Drake is up first in the other game," Abigail pulled me away. "I thought it started in an hour," I said.
  11. "The game does but I want to do it on my own time while my boyfriend Josh sings," Abigail led me outside in the back. There was barely anyone there. In the yard was a big pool of water, palm trees and rocks. Interesting yard. I was about to say something but she pushed me against the wall and kissed me.
  12. That is how I got here and I do not like it at all. I pushed her away and said, "The meaning of this was?" She shrugged, "I just wanted to see if you would be my next boyfriend when I break up with Josh." "You are on my list." "Excuse me?" Isabella said. She came right when the human kissed me. "I know Josh is a jerk and all but this is just disgusting and messed up," Isabella growled. Her hands balled into fist and shook slightly. "What are you mad that I am showing one your boyfriends a better girl? Maybe I will take him," Abigail said. "We are not together," I said. For whatever reason I felt my voice shake. Why though?
  13. "See, you are so annoying, you make his voice shake," Abigail sneered. "Besides you don't understand anything between us." Isabella took a deep breath, "You don't understand anything, not me." "Are you sure about that. It seems to me that Drake doesn't want to be anywhere near you. Isn't that what he said at the door and to Josh?" Abigail said. Isabella looked down, her chin quivered. "Why can't you just leave me alone?" she said, her eyes started to water. "Are you about to cry? Here I'll make it seem like an accident," Abigail pushed Isabella into the pool. In that period of time I did not think but act out of instinct. I grabbed her hand, pulled her up before she could touch the water. Sadly, she pulled as well and I fell into the water instead. Now why did I do that again? I thought about this as I slammed into the icy cold water.

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