Can You See And Talk To Ghosts?

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Have you ever wondered whether you are a Ghost Whisperer? Have you wanted to see dead people? Wait... Is it even possible? Everyone argues whether it is true or not... A selected few claim to be in contact with the dead while others see them with no other choice. So where do you stand?

Warning... This is a quiz for people who are alive, so if you are dead please do not take the quiz, I am pretty sure you can see them... So hope the rest of you like the quiz and enjoy and please do look out for more of my quizzes

Created by: Kish
  1. Have you ever suddenly felt cold for no reason really? (eg..While taking this quiz you just start to shiver and you not sick or anything)
  2. Does you hair suddenly stand on end for no reason,ie, Do you suddenly shiver (of fear this time not cold) for no real reason?
  3. When asleep, do you have really troubling dreams that you don't understand or do you have recurring dreams (dreams that keep repeating themselves over and over again every night)
  4. Do you ever seem to find things in a place you don't remember putting them in?
  5. This one is very hard to notice but have you ever noticed seeing a certain symbol or number or name over and over again?
  6. Have you ever possibly seen shadows move around very quickly at the corner of your eyes? (Its very rare to actually see it right in front of your eyes but its possible)
  7. Have you ever had the gut feeling that someone is behind you but when you turn around, no one is there? (Gut instincts are usually very accurate when it comes to the supernatural)
  8. Do you know of anyone in your family who claim to be able to contact the dead? (not through black magic or anything just a natural gift)
  9. Have you ever heard voices when no one else was around?
  10. Have you ever had an incident where you think you saw a ghost?

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Quiz topic: Can I See And Talk To Ghosts?