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  • Well, I always knew I saw things, but this quiz clears up my hypothesis. I always see this girl who wears a white nightgown and has long black hair. The odd part about her though, is that she has no face. She follows me in both reality and in my dreams. It scares me. She sometimes has these black tentacles coming out of her body, and reminds me of Slenderman. I do wonder if theyre connected somehow....she whispers something, but I cant tell what it is that shes whispering. She sometimes climbs on the walls. I wonder if anyone else has seen her....

    Da shy Dude
  • It depends on the ghost.

    I have never seen a ghost before (Well I don't think so) but there was this one day when I might have seen a ghost, it was around Halloween, but I think it might have just been dust. I don't really believe in ghosts (they are fun to talk about though), anyway, but weird things do happen to me sometimes. Like, I suddenly start shivering for no reason at all and a few weeks ago, at night, I thought I felt something in my room and heard footsteps, but I looked and no one was there. Creepy. Great quiz!

  • When I was 13 on Christmas Day near midnight I was awake all my family were sleeping I felt a chill as I was on the couch in the lounge room then I saw a black figure yes black I don't know what that ment but my husbands mother passed away and I went to her furniral 3 days before Christmas, I could see her holding the sides of the door and I relised she died because she triped and broke her hip I thought I was her anyway she came back out and she stared at me and rushed towards me making me spin like the room was spinning not the couch then my little brother laughed his guts up in his sleep then sat up and pointed down the hall way it was gone but never got any sleep in the morning I realised the only person down the hall way was my daughter she the only kid who came with me to her fruniral and touched her.

  • Can You See And Talk To Ghosts?
    Your Result: Yes You Can 76%

    Its strange isn't? Talking or seeing people who don't exist is kind of freaky but I think you can do it. You probably have this "gift" to help those troubled souls cross over to the other side, or maybe you just got lucky/unlucky to get this "gift". Your call...

    45% Depends On The Ghost
    15% No You Can Not

    true. I see this one ghost girl at my school the school had a fire one day and she died in it she stays inside the locker room, though. CREEPY, but she dont hurt nobody.

  • yeppppp i can and once me and my class was in P.E. then we were lining up to go well i felt sumthing touch my back i turned around and saw a yello string [dun ask] moving and straight on the wall where i was facing i saw a shadow moving to the dark side of the room AND i went to the bathroom at school to polish my friends glasses and theres rumours that the last stall is haunted i looked over there and sumthing said my name like 'isabella...' i ran out of there [a& broke the glasses] screaming D:

  • I saw a ghost when i was 14 on a fence i could see his face very well it really scared my 30s a family friend who past away came to me in a dream and was talking to me but the dream felt real like i was awake and i sore him next to my bed.the same thing happen when my cousin past away he came to me in a dream and it felt real like i was awake i even saw him running thru the hallway and then with my grandmother and a few uncles

  • Depends On The Ghost 88% then yes, then very low no. These questions always freak me out because they're exactly like how I feel all the time. I've never SEEN a ghost but I'm very energy sensitive and that's what spirits are-energy. I have a few creepy stories too.

  • Somethimes i hear a voice in my toughts i somethimes see a ghost but when he see me he disspreads but i think this ghost is nice thus i like to meet that ghost but i dont think he likes me somethimes in school i hear a voice on lesson my buddy said me a scary story in this school are ghosts that kills with shotguns lol. But how ghost pick up a item??? Idk i just like that ghost if its real or not

  • I swear that I see ghosts most the time always smell the musky perfume smell and see weird orb like figures or shadows. I know that sounds weird but hey I'm ok with that I don't mind ghosts.

  • im 15 and I think im just crazy should I go see a phyc? ive been seeing these things since I could remember...I think I see shadows (demons) and the others too....its really freaking me out

  • while I was taking the test I kept hearing something that sounded like someone talking to me but no one else is here

  • I don't believe in witchcraft, lol
    Derp derp

  • Hello!!!! I loved this quiz, I thought this was helpful.

  • i have never seen a ghost but just like a black cape goin down the hall!! must be my imagination!!

  • How can I talk with them tho I'm only 11


  • i have a friend who is a ghost

    Pearl Dragon

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