I am suppose to be dead (4)

Part 5 might be out two or three days from now. I have a busy weekend. Sorry for errors I tried to finish this quickly.

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  1. How did I end up in this situation? I am no longer in the white room but I am walking around with the girl who hit me with her car, carrying bags filled with accessories, clothes, shoes and make up. The man in the lab coat, Professor Adams, that is what the agent, Matthew called him; decided that to observe me better would be to have me walk around. In other words I can live outside of that white room as long as I do not go crazy or try to run away. Even though I can not because I have this collar around my neck that shocks me so I can barely move. That is only when I stray over 6 feet away from Isabella, the girl who ran me over.
  2. I barely left the room a few hours ago and I already do not like this new plan of following around this human like a little pet. It made me even more uncomfortable when the crowds of people we passed stared at me. "Did he wake up and just left the house?" one whispered. "He looks weird," another said. Isabella stopped and looked at me, even though she was a normal human the Professor Adams and agent Matthew let her be my guardian. "You are going to need new clothes, you look like you are walking around in your pajama's," she told me. Her voice shook a little. "What is wrong?" I asked slightly annoyed. Humans are so emotional. "What do you mean?" she said, clearing her throat. "
  3. "You sound different than usual, like you are scared," I said. "Well I am not, and try to be more happy you are out of that weird room," she rolled her eyes. "Yeah and I have to follow as your little bag carrier," I held up the bags. "Whatever," she sighed. "Let's go in here." She walked away quickly. I tried to keep up with her but the crowd kept on pushing me away. I was lucky enough to not get pass the six feet limit. We walked into a busy story on the corner of the busy block. Strange music played while costumers looked in various racks for clothes. "This store is great. See?" she held up some jeans with a ragged ripped style on it. To me it looked unnatural. "It looks like someone decided to ruin those blue pants..." I said. Isabella sighed, "So you are not only a homicidal alien but you have no taste in clothes?" I shrugged, "Without my memory my tastes in various things are all jumbled. In other words I have an uncertain personality."
  4. "Just try this on in the changing section, along with these...I do not know how you would look like with that color of hair. Your hair color and eye color are unnatural. At least Adams gave you those contacts that change you eye color," she handed me more pairs of pants. Then she gave me a million shirts. At least that is what it felt like in my arms. "Try it on now," she ordered. "Funny thing is I can not go farther than 6 feet away from you and the changing section is over 8 feet away," I told her. "But I can't go into the guy's section. "Then I can not change," I replied.
  5. For about a good three hours of trying to find my size for clothes, apparently I was too small for the average teenage boy but I was to tall for the small clothes. Isabella would not show me what clothes she got for me. We walked in silence. The entire time she fiddled around with the bottom end of her shirt. "What is bothering you this time?" I sighed out of annoyance. "You are rude," she snapped at me. She pulled out a small pink device. "What is that?" I asked. "A cell phone, haven't seen something like this before?" she answered me. I shook my head. "There are things I recognize and other things that I do not recognize. Also I apologize but I haven't really had any not so rude companions that treated me like an object," I said.
  6. It was dark when we finally reached Isabella's house in the suburbs, which was about two hours away from the tall buildings or cities. Isabella started her computer so we could contact agent Matthew and Professor Adams. We did and the first thing they said in unison was, "Did he try to kill anyone or run away?" Isabella replied, "No, we just went shopping. Also I have been wondering, what is his name?" "I don't know," the professor shrugged. They all looked at me who was finally able to drink water. "What?" I asked when I noticed them staring at me. "What's your name?" they all asked at the same time. "Do not ask stupid questions that I ask myself," I sighed.
  7. "So we need to give him a name," Isabella said. "How about the name of his species that we have finally decided to name!" Professor Adams said. "No," Agent Matthew stopped the Professor from saying anything else. "That name is too long and hard to pronounce. How about we name him Cotton-eye-Joe." Isabella then said, "How about we name him...Drake. It is easy to remember and somewhat normal." The agent and professor shook their heads. "How about we let the alien decide," Isabella crossed her arms. I found myself another bottle of water when they were all staring at me. Do not humans have multiple names? I asked this and they all decided what my name would be without me having a say. "Your name will be Drake H.(Professor Adams really wanted to say the second name but Agent Matthew would not let him say it) Cotton-eye-Joe."
  8. "But most will just call you Drake, including myself," Isabella told me. "Okay? You humans are weird...Having multiple names," I said. "I thought you didn't remember anything. "I do not, but having multiple names just feels weird..."I answered. My stomach growled and I realized that I have been hungry this entire time. "Oh yeah we haven't fed him since he escaped..." Professor Adams mentioned with his bored tone. "I have not had any substance since I woke up the first time," I growled. "We gave you vegetables and you threw a carrot at me like it was a dagger. That hole in the wall has not been fixed," he replied. "When you left you put the plate of substance out of my reach so I could not eat any of it. The carrot I threw at you was for treating me like an idiotic animal. Show disrespect to me when I am-..." My voice failed me. I do know who I am. So I felt like nothing. All I was an alien to this strange world and this world does not like me for something I do not remember doing. "You are Drake H. Cotton-eye-Joe," Isabella finished my sentence. "Right now you are the transfer student from Sweden going to my high school in the state California. Alright?" she told me. I did not like her classification of my fake identity, but it was more of real classification for me than anything else. It was quite sad for me to take that in.
  9. "I guess..." I forced out the words. "Now that is settled, let's get you something to eat," Isabella patted me on the back. "DO not give him carrots unless you want him to make holes in your walls," Professor Adams told her as she shut off her device. "May I ask, what will your parents say when they see me here?" I asked her as we entered her kitchen.
  10. "They don't live here. Please don't ask," she said softly. She brought out bread and some containers with creamy brown substance and a violet substance in it. "Hopefully you will not die if you have a PB&J sandwich." She handed me two slices of bread with both substances in between them. "Well I will be taking a shower then I will probably go to sleep. You will be sleeping the couch for now," she walked away. I tried to stop her from leaving the 6 feet limit but she walked to fast. Instantly I felt a paralyzing pain coming from the collar. I collapse unable to move as my body quivered. "I am so sorry!" she ran back to me. I forgot about the collar thing..." The shock disappeared and I laid the retrying to clear my thoughts. "Please..." I managed, "do not do that again..."

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