What Type Of HairSpray ARE You?

There are lot of people who are crackheads or weirdos but you of corse are not one you do like attention and i hate this quiz thinger may i be confusing you? haha crackheads well i dont know what to do..im like confused and like its just like hard when you got to come up with stuff..well am i suppose to be talking about what this quiz is about? lol.

are YOU a person who likes attention, you are the type who like yea. you may now know what you really are are are are are did i confuse you there? well i dont know what i am suppose to do on these thingers and i doubt that anyone will do my quiz its just that i got really bored and wanted to do something...you know what i mean?

Created by: jasmine

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You Like Attention?
  2. You Always Like Things your way
  3. do you like your parents?
  4. do you ever lie?
  5. Do you love school?
  6. You like t.v and eating and like to sleep
  7. Do you like myspace?
  8. are you a smoker?
  9. are you a rule breaker?
  10. are you asked if you are high?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of HairSpray am I?