What Hairspray Character R U ?

You all know the movie it has quickly become one of the most popular musicals of our time and this quiz will let find out which one of the popular characters you are.

Which Character are you ? Do you love the spotlight or the shadow. Do you like to sing or dance. Find out if you are Tracy, Penny, Link or Seaweed with this quiz right now?

Created by: Chelsea Pastel
  1. If your where to be cast in a movie you would want to play the ?
  2. If You where a flavor of ice cream you would be ?
  3. If you could travel to a place in the USA you would go to ?
  4. What is the one thing you can't leave the house without ?
  5. If you where a color you would be ?
  6. If you where a style of music you would be ?
  7. When you think of your future you see ?
  8. The one thing you love in you closet is your ?
  9. If you where a pet you would to a ?
  10. If you where a flower you would be a ?

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