Are You A Glam Metaller Or A Grunger?

Are you a grunge fan? Or are you a Glam-tastic Glam Metal fan? Do you blast out 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'? Or do you punch the air to 'Here I Go Again'? Whether clad in cardigans or choking on hairspray, the battle of Grunge And Glam Metal still goes on. Find out which side you belong to!

In the 80's, Glam Metal ruled the world. In the 90's, Grunge claimed the mantle. Now, with both more or less consigned to history, which one do YOU prefer? Get your hairspray and Ratt t-shirt, or your cardigan and jeans, and find out which music you are more in tune with!

Created by: Daire
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What type of trousers best suit you?
  2. What kind of guitar would you play?
  3. Your slow songs usually deal with:
  4. What is the most important quality in a lead singer?
  5. Who are your influences?
  6. From what era do most of your favourite songs/albums come from?
  7. Your drug of choice:
  8. Your musicians are technically gifted. Can they express this onstage?
  9. What city do you feel most at home in?
  10. The PMRC:
  11. Which rock star would you most like to meet?
  12. Who would produce your albums?
  13. Most of your fans are:
  14. Your videos:
  15. How long does it take you to prep for going onstage?
  16. Do you get political?
  17. Which album title do you most like:
  18. Which do you prefer?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Glam Metaller Or A Grunger?