I am suppose to be dead (5)

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No need to fear part 5 is here! Sorry that is was late. I got caught up with stuff. Other than that I hope you enjoy maybe give some feedback, it is up to you.

The results are just weird because I do not know what else to put because I do not have any announcements. Well I hope you have fun. Sorry for any errors.

Created by: Gamer101
  1. Isabella played a song called "Party in the USA". Unlike her I found it a little annoying. Part of that reason was I did not understand 75% of what the singer was talking about. Have I also mentioned that humans eat frozen food? I understand that you need to preserve some substances but they practically preserve everything. Humans are weird.
  2. The transportation I was in was a small pink car. It made me feel big because my feet were slightly squished by a bag. Apparently humans have to have some sort of container for their studies. They also study together at a place called school. I have a feeling that I will not like this school. I mean what if I do not know anything does everyone leave me behind; or will I be dragged down because I know too much? The thought irritated me, being left behind meant that I was weak or being dragged down by everyone else made be feel trapped. Sounds like it is a great place to ruin your life.
  3. "Are you nervous?" Isabella asked me. We were at a stop light and traffic was not getting any better. Isabella's hair was in a pony tail and was curled with a light blue bow wrapped around her hair. She wore white boots with sky blue shorts and a white shirt that hung loosely on her shoulders. Humans dressed weird too. "I am just wondering what type of idiots I will be dealing with," I sighed. I was wearing these skinny jeans with a black jacket and a red shirt. Isabella made me wear a black scarf. She wanted to see what suits me better. "You look good," she nodded. "This collar irritates my neck...and the scarf does not help," I adjusted my scarf. "I don't think the dark colors suit you well. At least not that way..." ahw noted. She pulled out a set of papers that were tied together by a spiral metal at the end. She said it was a notebook. She wrote something down. "Maybe..." she said to herself.
  4. "Frist off people will go at you like sharks. Be nice, get rid of your rude attitude. Also, do not go to the bathroom by the computer lab. You will skip lunch and meet me at the court yard. Okay? Be nice to people," she told me. "They better not give me a rude attitude then," I mumbled. I looked out the window as the car started to move. Isabella said something, it was more to herself.
  5. Finally we reached school. Isabella and I walked to the low building. The hallways were crowded with students. The air was humid, which did not help my neck. "Guess we have the same last period. Now, your class is algebra 3/4. It is that one at the end of this hallway. Someone should help you with your next class..." she explained. "It is simple and easy, you'll figure it out." A sound rang from the walls. "That is the bell, get to class before the second one rings. Bye," she disappeared once she handed me a piece of paper with works on it. I braced myself to be shocked until I remembered that the collar would not let me leave to school without Isabella. At least that is what Professor Adams and Agent Matthew told me.
  6. I reached the room and found it filled with humans. The teacher introduced me by using only my first name. I had to sit next to the window. It was boring. What the humans were learning was simply basics to me. Time passed as I went through my classes. School did not get any better for me. The humans acted like it was extremely hard. Lunch was not better. The humans crowded around me. They asked various questions like where I was from and stupid ones like what was my favorite food. I was then saved by Isabella who forced them away from me. "What are you doing?" she demanded once we found a lone table. "Humans ask too many stupid questions. Did you not see them crowding around me?" I replied.
  7. Isabella sighed, "that is because you are the newbie. People will talk to you so they can-" A tall buff male walked up to us. Behind him was more humans that looked like him. They had black and white cotton jackets with the letters L.A.H.S in silver. Girls followed them like pets. One girl wore a little bit too revealing clothes. It was a s---e shirt with black outlining and the same letters were on it in black. Their skirts were so short I was surprised that I did not see their underwear until I realized that they had shorts underneath. "Hi, you are the new kid right?" the male in front asked. He had messy blonde hair with blue eyes. "Yeah," I replied as nicely as I could. I was trying to be polite like Isabella taught me. He smiled, "You are pretty thin for a guy. Maybe you could join the swim team." This guy confused me.
  8. "Still recruiting for player Josh?" Isabella asked with an annoyed tone. She rolled her eyes. "Sorry I didn't see you there Bell. Been a while," the human replied. "Yeah, you left in in the middle of nowhere..." she sighed softly. Josh said, "Why don't you sit with us for lunch. You can come too Bell." "I'll pass," my companion said with a forced smile. Unsure of what to say I answered, "Sure..." To my surprise I sounded self conscious. That was defiantly not me. I followed the group to their over almost crowded table. Humans with strange yet similar clothes sat and laughed. "So I hear you are Sweden," Josh said to me. "Yeah," I agreed.
  9. Yet again I was asked many stupid questions. Sadly these were weirder and very nerve racking, but I was able to control my composure and play along. "So do you have a girlfriend?" a girl sat oddly close to me. Within seconds girls sat around me. Along with the one with brown hair. "I know a girl but I do not exactly consider her a friend," I answered. The girls giggled. "Seems like we have a little loner here," a girl commented. It seemed forever when it was time to go. The humans kept on wanting to talk and laught about everything, it was annoying. At the last minute Josh asked me to go to his house for a party a month from now.
  10. The school day went by and it was finally over. Isabella and I went back to her home. She did not speak to me until we were in the living room that had a long couch, a low glass table, soft fluffy carpet and a TV set. "Why did you go with them?" she asked me. "I was trying to be friendly. Is that not what you want me to be like?" I replied. "Not to them! I was hoping that you would follow my lead and say no. Those guys are jerks! If they ever talk to you again ignore them and give them that attitude of yours again," she ordered me. "You can not order me around like you own me," I grumbled. "I know but at least follow my advice. Don't hang out with them again," Isabella told me. I sat on the soft couch where she jumped to sit next to me. "Let's see what's on TV..." she said. Guess I am still stuck here.

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