Teenage Chronicle Part 29

Welcome to part 29 of Teenage Chronicle! (: I realized I haven't been replying to any of your comments in awhile, and I'm sorry about that :l So I'll try and reply (: as long as it's not questions that will give away anything in the series :p

Descriptions- Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes. Adam: Brown hair, and Emerald Green eyes. Jack: Dark Brown hair, and Turquoise eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam
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  1. I feel asleep in my clothes so I went to the bathroom and changed into my favorite Hollister PJ shorts and a T-shirt. I stretched and quickly put my hair into a braid. I felt tired and had no idea why. I hadn't really don't much other then sit around at the house. I was up early to so the guys were most likely still sleeping. I opened the door and as I walked out I got hit in the face so hard I knocked out.
  2. * "Is she okay?" I heard a male voice. "Crap, this is all your fault Alex." I heard another voice. I flicked my eyes open and saw Josh, Calisto and Alex standing over me. I leaned up on my elbows and I felt pain shoot through my head. "Oww," I groaned and felt my head. "Sorry ____." I saw Alex crouch down next to me. "What happened?" I asked. "Well you were coming out of your room and we were playing football in the hallway.. and then I sort of missed the ball and it hit you.." He explained. "Sorry," He frowned looking at my forehead. "You should ice that." Josh said pointing to my forehead. I groaned as the pain became more intense.
  3. Alex helped me up and I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. The guys decided to go in the backyard to continue to play, where they should of been in the first place. My head was throbbing and I walked to the freezer to grab an icepack. "great," There wasn't any ice so I was stuck with frozen meat. I groaned and put the meat awkwardly on my head. I turned around and noticed Patch was sitting there the whole time eating cereal. "Hi," I mumbled. He laughed and stared at me and the meat. "What happened?" He tried hiding his smile but he failed. "Shut up, it hurts." I slumped into a chair next to him. "Alex hit me with a football." I frowned
  4. Patch let out a laugh and then stopped when I glared at him. "It hurts," I flipped the meat to the colder side and pressed in back onto my head. "Whats with the meat?" I heard Ezra walk into the kitchen. "She got hit with a football." Patch said and Ezra burst out laughing. I turned around and gave her an evil look. "I want to see you get hit in the head with a football." She stuck her tongue out at me and sat at the table with Patch and I.
  5. "So," Ezra stared at Patch "are you excited for the party?" She questioned grabbing an apple. He shrugged "I guess," He replied and continued eating. "You guess?" Ezra scowled. "it's like the biggest party of the year!" She exaggerated. I burst out laughing and Ezra and Patch turned to look at me. "What's so funny?" Ezra asked taking a bite of her apple. "Nothing," I stared at Patch "I was just picturing Patch in a tuxedo." I looked at Ezra and she stared laughing, too. Patch raised an eyebrow at me. "So you were thinking about me?" He grinned and I stopped laughing. "Shut up," I looked away from him and blushed.
  6. "Why do you have meat on your head?" I heard a voice. I turned around and saw Jake walking into the kitchen. "Jake! You're better!" I jumped up and ran up to him, giving him a really big hug. He flinched a little but hugged me back. "Did I hurt you?" I asked. "No, my back is just a sore from the scratch." He responded. "Oh, sorry." I frowned. "I'm just glad your okay," I smiled at him. Ezra came up next and hugged him. "Where's Katherine?" Jake asked. "Last I saw her she was in her room. I think she's still sleeping." Ezra replied. I turned around to look at Patch, but he was gone.
  7. I turned back and faced Jake and Ezra who were talking about the party. "I got ____ this gorgeous dress!" She bragged. He looked at me. "No doubt she'll look gorgeous in it." He smiled at me. "Thanks," I blushed. "Well don't mind us. I'm sure you're starving." Ezra grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the kitchen with her. "Ow," I tried pulling my arm away but she held a firm grip. Once we reached my room she let go. She had a panicked look on her face. "What's wrong? I asked. She sat down on my bed. "When I was talking to Jake he told me that he invited Cory to come with us and he's already on his way. He'll be here tomorrow." She stared at me. "I thought you guys broke up and Daniel asked you out." I asked her. She looked down at her hands and then back up at me. "That's the thing. I didn't break up with him." She replied.
  8. "You didn't break up with him?" I widened my eyes at the news. She shook her head, "I couldn't do it. It was to hard, and I still kind of like Cory, too." She stared at me. "So technically your dating Daniel AND Cory?" I questioned her, and she nodded. I sighed and sat down next to her. "What are you going to do?" I asked staring at her. She shrugged, "I don't know. Daniel is going to the party with me, and Cory is going to be there, too." She looked stressed. "Well, who do you like more?" I asked. "Cory, I really like him." Ezra replied. "Then why did you go out with Daniel?" "Well, because I didn't think I was going to see Cory again. Daniel was just a rebound." She stretched out and laid on my bed.
  9. "So what are you going to do?" I asked. "I don't know," She stopped staring at the ceiling and looked at me, "what do you think I should do?" she asked. I thought for a moment before answering, "I think you should break up with Daniel if you like Cory so much." I replied. She leaned up and faced me. "It's going to be hard to break up with Daniel." She frowned. "Well it's better then using him." I stated. "True," She replied. "well thanks ____." She hugged me and stood up. "Time to drive to Daniel's." She gave me a sarcastic thumbs up. "Your doing it in person?" I raised an eyebrow, "good job Ezra." I smiled at her. I would of assumed she would've done it through text or on the phone.
  10. Ezra waved at me and walked out. I walked over to the window to open it since it was like 11 in the morning. "What the heck," I opened the door and walked out on the deck. I wasn't sure if I was imagining this but I saw a little girl. She was facing away and standing outside the woods next to our house. She wore a long tater pink dress that made it look like she'd been living in the wilderness, and her long blonde hair was very messy, and It was covered in dirt and mud. She moved and I realized I wasn't imagining her. "Hey!" I shouted and she turned to looked at me. I gasped. It was Lucy.

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