The Girl Who Lived part 47

BAH!!! I've been writing ahead and it turns out that this will continue till at least chapter 52. Man, this is going to be a longer event than planned.

Anyway, so it's up and I hope you enjoy. Please go and take a look at my other quit Prison Break which is a sequal to the story Delinquents. I went back to confirm some things to keep the sequal consistant but I found so many errors in it. Some things didn't even make sense at all.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. "Don't be misunderstanding anything, the rehab wasn't for me. But I am on parole." He said whispering so only I could hear. The people around us bustled around although most of them were waiters.
  2. "Then who's in rehab?"
  3. "My father. When my mom left us, my dad OD-ed and got sent to rehab. I need to pay it off. We didn't have much money to begin with." He said staring down at his empty pockets.
  4. "Then why are you on parole?" I asked staring down at my glass while mixing my iced water with my straw.
  5. "Assault."
  6. "I can see that."
  7. "What's that supposed to mean?" I could see that he was a tad upset at my remark.
  8. "Well, you kind of look like you could be a thug." I said.
  9. "What's wrong with being intimidating?"
  10. "Nothing." I said throwing my hands up in the air.
  11. "Well, I have to go back to work. Save me a dance later?" He said putting his hands on the table to hoist himself up from the table. I said that I would and he left to do some extra preperations.

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