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  • I still love the direction you're going with this series, but I'd just like to make a suggestion or two. For one, as @Orange Fusion pointed out, these are pretty short. I'd like to have at least a few paragraphs to read at a time, even if it takes longer to put them out. And the second is that since these are so short and spread out, sometimes it gets hard to keep track of exactly what's happening. As the writer, you probably know exactly who you're writing about, but I honestly didn't know who "he" was until I went back to the last quiz and checked. Just a few things to keep in mind :) Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with this in the parts to come!

  • yeah, sorry 'bout that, I have that same issue a lot, where I have to go back to the previous chapter to see what I was writing. Anyway, as an apology for really annoying you with this, I'll add in two chapters as one. Check it out

  • One line paras? Seriously? I think you should try and put this whole quiz into a para. Its so annoying.

    Orange Fusion
  • demon or angels

  • why do u have to say yess or no for this stupid story i mean i sucks wtf is going on whith the world


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