The Girl Who Lived part 37

AS promised, part 37 is out today but no promises on the other three. Congradulate mee, I finally have 150 viewers on my story on wattpad. I pretty much leaped for joy.

Although, more like jumped and fell out of my swivel chair and onto the floor. But anyway, thanks for reading my stuff and my anniversery for being a GTQ member is coming up very soon.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. When I woke, I was in the Hospital Wing. I'd become used to the atmosphere here. The colors around me were all blurry but my hearing was as good as ever. My hair wasn't up in a ponytail anymore, it was down and pushed to one side. Neville was sitting in the one comfortable hospital chair that didn't fold up, reading aloud Shakespeare. It was a struggle to sit up but Neville noticed my struggle and helped me sit up right. My sight became more clear and the features of the hospital wing became more clear, instead of random colors. There were stings of pain in my abdomen area when I sat up.
  2. "Neville, what happened?"
  3. "Well, I wasn't there but I've heard the story from Harry. After you had been smacked into that wall, Harry was bitten by the Basilisk but he killed it by stabbing the monster in the mouth. Harry also took a Basilisk tooth and stabbed the diary with the tooth, making Tom Riddle disappear. Ginny later regained consciousness and found Harry dying. Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix healed Harry's wounds. Dobby is finally free from serving the Malfoy's. Lastly, the year-end feast is right now and we leave tomorrow to go home and Hermione and the Basilisk's victims are perfectly fine now. The feast is still going on now but the doctor said that you had better stay here to heal. You have a couple broken ribs, a broken leg and several other bruised areas."
  4. "Thanks Neville. Why aren't you at the feast right now?"
  5. "Well, I wanted to. We agreed to watch over you until you completely healed but I volunteered to stay tonight. Glad that you finally woke up. You started to worry everyone. Actually, I want to go inform them that your up since my shift just ended, I'll be right back." I nodded watching him leave as the twins walked in with a shady looking can of peanut-brittle and a whoopee cushion.
  6. "Glad to see that sleeping beauty is up." Said Fred.
  7. "You gave us quite a scare, especially Neville." George said. "We know that because of your injuries from being slapped into a wall that you can't attend the end of year feast.
  8. " So we decided to bring it to you." Said Fred. The hospital wing door opened and in stepped all the people I known throughout the school. Hermione and Ginny were there. They brought food, flowers and balloons. The twins picked me up with ease and placed me in a wheel chair that had my name on it, literally.
  9. "Why is my name on this wheel chair?"
  10. "Because it's part of our gift. We figured that if you get injured as often as you do, your going to need another form of transportation." Said the twins. Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time except for three figures in the corner. Draco, Crabbe and Goyle.
  11. "Why did they bother to show up? They don't seem to be having a very good time." I asked the twins who were throwing confetti.
  12. "Oh them? Harry made them. He knows how you two are kind of similar to family and how your parents entrusted you with the Malfoy's. It took him a while to be able to do that. He really does detest Malfoy. Almost took all his energy to not punch him right there on the spot." Fred and George told me.

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