The Girl Who Lived part 33

Hey guys, part 33 is here and so will part 34 in a few minutes and possibly even 35 minutes after that. Anyway, one day closer and one chapter closer to part 40.

Just imagine when I hit part 50, it'll be great. I wonder if I'll be in year 3 still. Probably. Maybe a year will take 20 chapters, who knows, only time can tell.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. "You're gonna have to come down sooner or later." Draco huffed, arms crossed.
  2. "Make me." I said in a child-like voice, sticking my tongue out at him.
  3. "That's it. Crabbe, Goyle!" Draco clapped his hands together as if they were his servants. Well, they kind of are his servants but they're more friends than servants. At least I would prefer it to be. "Take them down." He pointed at me and Oliver sitting on the broom. Crabbe and Goyle walked up beside Draco staring up at us. They were both eating so I guess Draco had interrupted their snack time.
  4. their snack time. "I won't do your bidding while it's still snack time, we made a deal." Crabbe had a half-eaten muffin in his hand and crumbs covered his grey cardigan, Goyle had a box of apple juice and a bag of goldfish. They were such kids. Draco had a fit about the fact they hadn't followed his orders or that he really wanted Goyle's goldfish. If I were in his shoes, It would most certainly be about the goldfish. Draco grabbed Crabbe's half-eaten muffin and threw it on the ground. He took Goyle's apple juice, squirted the remainder of it into his mouth and poured the rest of the bag of goldfish Goyle into his mouth.
  5. "Is it still snack time!" Although it was supposed to be a question, he yelled it more than asked it as a question. Crabbe and Goyle paused a minute.
  6. "Crabbe, Goyle. His question was rhetorical which means he doesn't want an answer." I said for them, still hovering on the flying broom with Oliver above reach.
  7. "You guys are so useless! I don't even know why I keep you around." Draco turned to his underlings and threw the apple juice onto the ground.
  8. "20 points from Slytherin." Said Mrs. McGonagall who was walking across the field. Draco's attention was focused on Mrs. McGonagall who was giving him a lesson on littering. This was a great time to spook him. I gave Oliver hand gestures and made him lower down his broom. Then, I adjusted the direction I was sitting on the broom so I was facing away from them. I used my hands to grip the broom and tightened my legs around the broom. I fell forward and down with my hands and legs holding me to the broom. Once I had checked to make sure my legs weren't loose enough to let me fall, I let my hands release from the broom stick so I was hanging upside down. When Mrs. McGonagall was finished with her mini-lesson on littering, Draco turned on his heel quickly to face me to find my face and his only inches apart.
  9. "You'd better watch your back Malfoy." I straightened my legs so I wasn't hanging off Oliver's broom and landed with a solid hand stand. I then performed a flip so I would be standing on my feet. With that, I walked off
  10. end of chapter 33

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