The Girl Who Lived part 23

I realize that I've been stretching out the sequence of events within the story by a lot. I think it's best that I've done this though, better than rushing everything.

As promised, part 23 is finally out. I figured that I should at least publish 1 chapter every 2 weeks. I hope you enjoy. I'd like to get feedback on your thoughts.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. The next morning when it was Neville's shift, we had met in the library for researching the chamber of secrets. While Neville had focused on the founders of Hogwarts and trying to discover who had created the chamber, I was searching among dozens of bookshelves for something on the chamber itself and the slytherin heir. I had found a book that might have shed some light on the subject but it was slightly out of reach. Even standing on my toes and stretching out my arms to reach a book that was on the highest shelf didn't seem to work. Maybe I had tried to reach just simply a little too far because I had lost my balance and almost toppled over the delicate wooden bookcase. In the middle of my fall, a steady hand had caught me. The hand had pulled me back into my standing position and I had looked into the charming eyes of the one who had pulled me backward. I was staring into the eyes of Oliver Wood. Our eyes had been locked but when a student pushed us out of their way of the bookshelf, we blushed simultaneously. He had raised his hand toward the shelf and grabbed the book with ease.
  2. "Is this what you're looking for?"
  3. "Yes it is. Thank you Oliver."
  4. "Why are you even researching the Chamber of Secrets?"
  5. "I have a rather strong hunch the weird events happening within Hogwarts is due to the Chamber."
  6. "I'll leave you to your research." With that, Oliver left, leaving me to research. When I had returned to the table Neville had been seated at, I found him lost in a book of plants. I sat beside him slamming the thick resource of information beside his head to wake him of his trance.
  7. "I found a book that might give me anwers." I skimmed a majority of pages until I found a page that caught my eye. It said that a monster inside the chamber could only be controlled by the Heir of Slytherin and the chamber itself could only be opened by the heir. I informed Neville of the information I had collected and went to inform Harry. "Harry, I found an answer to the Chamber of Secrets." We opened our mouths to speak.
  8. "The chamber is the home to a creature that will only obey the heir of slytherin and the chamber can only be opened by the heir." Harry and I said together without the slightest bit of hesitation.
  9. "That was odd. Let's never do that again. I can guess Hermoine informed you. Who's the Slytherin Heir then?"
  10. "I agree that we never speak together like that again. Hermoine was the one that told me, she also did research on the matter. I know who the heir is."
  11. "Who?"
  12. "Isn't it obvious? It's Malfoy."

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