The Girl Who Lived part 21

I'm back. Anyway, there isn't really anything new. I was hoping to stretch out my long break for a couple more weeks but I got a bunch of new ideas that had to be written.

Plus, there was just this nagging that wouldn't stop in the back of my head until I at least wrote one chapter for you guys. Anyway, thats really about it.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. I woke in a haunting silence. The diary was gone and the pounding on the other side of the of the Hospital Wing door had stopped. The sun outside had gone and all that was visible was darkness. I removed the blanket that had been put on me when I had entered the wing. I rolled out of the bed since I didn't have enough energy to pull myself up. When I put my bare feet on the floor, I felt that there had been more pressure put onto my legs than normal.The floor was stone cold. The temperature has dropped significantly since I had stepped on the floor last. I opened the door to the hallway, a cool breeze blew back my ginger hair. The boys were on the other side of the door just about to kick it open. Suppose they hadn't realized that I had opened the door because the twins charged right for me not even looking in my direction. Still as frail as I was before I entered the hospital wing, the twins knocked me pushed me over with ease. The others noticed later after I had been knocked down. Fred and George headed over to the sheets where I had been and tossed everything within the room aside in an attempt to find me. The others helped me up and we waited in silence until the twins would see that they had pushed me over in the process of coming to look for me. Harry timed them while Dumnledore simply shook his head but went along with our little charade. Two minutes flat was the time it took them. Neville and Oliver had been my main supports so I wouldn't fall or be pushed over again. When the twins had found I wasn't in a pile of sheets or in the oversized rubbish bin, I was crushed in one of their usual bear hugs. I do love the twins but they can be a bit much sometimes.
  2. "Out of all places, why did you look in the rubbish bin first?"
  3. "Well, you were small enough to fit in one so we figured we may as well look there." I smiled with half of my effort but I knew it still didn't make my over all appearance any better.
  4. "How long has it been since I was out here?"
  5. "About a day." Neville said glancing at his watch. There were slight bags under his eyes. Under all of theirs. "It's time for breakfast. Why don't I take you there?" I was hesitant at first, wanting them to get the rest they needed.
  6. "But you need your rest, all of you. I can't ask you to do something like that." Instead of Neville responding like how I had expected, Harry spoke this time.
  7. "No way. We can't have this happening to you all the time. It's unhealthy. While you were in there, we decided that we need to keep watch of you to make sure that this doesn't happen again."
  8. "What do you have in mind? I can't do that again because the diary's gone. It wasn't there when I woke."
  9. "We've made a schedule." Harry pushed up this glasses further up his nose. He pulled out a lengthy schedule that when unfurled, looked to be pages long.
  10. end of chapter 21

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