The Girl Who Lived part 19

So, you've been waiting for this to come out. Anyway, I think its kind of sad that it's chapter 20 and I'm only on year 2. It's only the beginning of this.

P.S. Year 4,5,6 and possibly 7 will be the longest years. Also, I plan for there to be multiple endings to this. I don't know how I'll write it on wattpad

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. When we had returned home after a long days journey, the summer was over and it was time to return to Hogwarts. We traveled to diagon alley using floo powder. We shopped for supplies, I met a famous wizard author by the name of Gilderoy Lockhart. Ginny and Mrs.Weasley simply love him because of his looks. I don't understand the slightest bit on what they see in him. He's so conceited. If they didn't think he was pretty, they wouldn't think that. While shopping, Harry and I ran into Lucius and Draco Malfoy. I got an almost-smile from Draco and a frown from Lucius. When I say an 'almost-smile' I mean that it was a mix between a smirk and a grin. When crossed together it turned out to be a creepy smile. Although, Harry got a glare from Draco and another Glare from Lucius. They left and I turned to Harry. He looked angry. "Don't feel bad Harry, Lucius hates everyone. He's just a jerk." Later at King's Cross Station, the Weasley's were able to reach the platform 9 ¾ without the slightest bit of trouble. Harry, Ron and I weren't able to pass through. For some reason the magical barrier was blocked. Because of this, we missed the train to Hogwarts. In the end, we took the flying car. It was fun until we the car crashed into a tree in the Forbidden Forest called the Whomping Willow. Snape caught us and we were almost expelled from Hogwarts. Luckily we only received only detention. This year, I have fairly easy classes. While Draco was running around, following orders from his father, I would hang out with Crabbe and Goyle. They're not as bad when Draco isn't around. After class and a bit before dinner, I was talking to them in the courtyard outside of the mess hall, near a brick wall. "Hey Crabbe, I bet I could body slam you into that brick wall."
  2. "I doubt it, little one." He emphasized little. I always get called short but, now that's plain irritating.
  3. "You wanna go?"
  4. "Trust me, I'm twice your weight, bigger than you and taller than you. I think I can take you."
  5. "Don't sign up for more than you can handle. You ready?"
  6. "yeah, bring it."I backed up a few steps and body slammed him. My plan didn't go as I had hoped. Instead of him being slammed into the wall, I just bounced off. Not what I had expected but he is bigger than me in both directions. " You couldn't even body slam me." I left for dinner feeling slightly dizzy. I sat at the Gryfindoor table at my usual place between the twins.
  7. "So, how did your fight with Crabbe go?" Asked Fred.
  8. "Not very well. I couldn't even body slam him into a brick wall. I just bounced off, like he was a trampoline." The twins laughed.
  9. "There there, little one." I walked off to the girls bathroom. A few weeks later I was in Ginny's room when I saw something tucked under some clothes.
  10. cliffhanger. Sort of.

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