The Girl Who Lived part 22

Anyway, here's chapter 22. I think my next break point will be the 35th and then after that, it will be the 50th part. It may seem to be like a lot of breaks in a short period.

But, most of the GTQ users and writers know that writing these quizzes can be time consuming. So, that's about it. Please comment and rate if you can.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. I viewed the long schedule that seemed to be endless. I must have worried them so much to the extent that they devised a plan between themselves who would watch over me. Severous Snape and his boring monotone voice entered the room with a message that I needed to report to Dumbledore's office. Since it was Neville's turn, he went with me to his office but Neville stood outside.
  2. "Where did you find that book?" Dumbledore had begun to question me once I was in the room. I couldn't let him know that Ginny had posession of it. She would
  3. "Abandoned in the library." I hadn't meant to show any signs that I was lying to the headmaster but, apparently I did. Dumbledore gave me a watchful eye as he stroked his lengthy beard.
  4. "Alright then, you are dismissed." He gestured the way out but I knew how to get there. I exited the grand door to find Neville sitting cross-legged at the door while the twins had their ears to the door.
  5. "Why are you guys here?"
  6. "Neville's shift ended 30 minutes ago" The twins replied. Neville opened his mouth to say something.
  7. "No it didn't I still have-" Fred put his had over Neville's mouth as Neville continued to talk which resulted in only a muffling noise. Dumbledore suspected something. I probably made it that obvious. I took out a copy of my schedule from my pocket hidden inside my robes.
  8. "He's right though, your shift doesn't start until another hour or so." The twins gave me a shrug and escorted me to the main hallway where everyone was crowded around one another. Words were written on the wall with some oozing red substance. Blood, and it was dripping wet. The sight alone made me feel ill. I still looked for the source. In the corner Filch's cat was lying there, petrified. The words read something about a Chamber of Secrets and that enemies of the Slytherin heir should be beware. The meaning of this had confused me so much. My train of thought was interrupted when Filch pointed his unsanitary looking fingers at Harry.
  9. "You. Look what you've done." He launched himself towards Harry. I jumped in front of Harry to protect him from the attack and then braced myself for whatever was about to come. What I didn't expect was for Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall to stop him. They forced Filch to apologize and whisked him away. The blood on the wall made me feel sick to the pit of my stomach. I tried to look away and focus on Harry but it didn't help the slightest bit. I still felt sickened.
  10. "Harry are you all right?"
  11. "Yeah, but why is that written on the wall? There must be a specific reason it's there." He replied not turning away from the words on the wall.
  12. "What's the Chamber of Secrets? Or rather, what's in it?"
  13. "I'm not sure, better do some research." We agreed to meet at the library the next day when he was supposed to be watching me.

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