The Girl Who Lived part 27

Hey guys, so I won't be able to really write for a long period of time, you could consider it as a little writers break but until then I plan to post at least 1 a day until I leave on next Sunday.

I know that there is only about a week but, I have already written 9 chapters including this one, so they will be posted before I leave or maybe even more.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. It's perfectly understandable since she's their best friend an all, but I can't help but feel left out. Neville and Oliver are beside me, both giving me reassuring smiles but I don't feel the least bit reassured. It was nice of them though. They carried her all the way to the hospital wing while Neville, Oliver and I returned to our everyday lives. A huge series of events occurred after Hermoine was petrified. Dumbledore was suspended as headmaster of Hogwarts and Hagrid was taken away to Azkaban prison. I didn't believe that Hagrid had opened the Chamber at all. I believe he was framed. He told us to follow the spiders, and that's what Harry, Ron and I planned to do after dark. After curfew. At dinner I told Neville, Oliver and the twins of our plans and my theories.
  2. "We plan to go into the Forbidden Forest and follow the spiders to find the truth behind it." I explained.
  3. "Ron hates spiders . Or should I say that he"˜s afraid of them?" Fred said.
  4. " Whenever he sees spiders he has a tendency to wet his pants and scream like a little girl. Not like he doesn't normally scream like that. Do me a favor and take a video." George added in.
  5. "You're going into the Forbidden Forest? I don't feel safe with you going there even if you have Ron and Harry. You could be petrified like Hermoine and the Gryffindor ghost." Oliver began.
  6. "I'll be fine." I said almost about to tell him about that mysterious thing I had seen in the Forbidden Forest last drinking the blood of the unicorn and how I had survived it. Although, I think it would make him feel worse about letting me go. "They need me. Harry wants my support in case Ron runs away and I should help Ron overcome his fear of spiders." I put my hand on his shoulder to help put him at ease and to convince him into letting me go without his help.
  7. "But-" I cut him off.
  8. "Here." I said as I removed the my lace vintage purple ribbon tying back my messy orange hair and handed it to him. My bangs still covered my forehead and were almost in my eyes. "This is my favorite hair ribbon. I want you to keep it safe for me until I return." I tied it around his wrist. It was a gift given to me by my parents through the mail on holidays. I had received several hair accessories through the mail from them but and I had several favorites for different reasons. But this one just seemed special. The color or the feeling of confidence it gave me when I wore it.
  9. "Okay, you had better be back though." Oliver agreed to finally let me go. He can have such an older brother complex. He seemed like he would be my older brother
  10. "Where's our gifts?" Asked the twins making a sad face as if he were a kid passing by a toy store and not going in.
  11. "Fine." I sighed heavily and pulled out two hairclips that pinned strands of hair that wouldn't fit into the ponytail I had had minutes before. "Here, you can keep them if you want. I got them at the dollar store." I handed them to Fred. I pulled an elastic hairband from the pocket in my skirt. I leaned over the table and tied all of George's hair into a ponytail at the top of his head. "There's your gift. Keep your hair like that, it looks beautiful."
  12. "Anything for you Scarlet." He pinched my cheeks like a grandma would and I was playing with his hair in the ponytail as a child would. I finished fixing his hair and with that, dinner was over. I was on my way to the Gryffindor common room to prepare to enter the Forbidden Forest.

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