The Girl Who Lived part 31

So, part 31 is pubished and out. It is rather short compared to my longer quizzes, but I prefer for the chapter to be short and not drone on, leading people to nearly die of boredom.

Anyway, in order to get chapter 40 out in time, I probably will have to post 2-3 chapters a day until I leave on sunday. Not only will there be more but it will all end in a big event and end of year 2.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. He continued driving while I stared backwards out the trunk window. One mistake and we would be ripped to shreds by spiders.
  2. "Harry, what if it catches us?" There was a little bit of a quiver in my voice.
  3. "They won't. Not without a fight." He looked determined, but it sounded like he was scared too. The car took off and we were in the air for a few minutes soaring above the trees. The ride was steady for a few minutes and once we were out of the Forbidden Forrest, the tension seemed to evaporate. Ron slowed the car as we landed on the ground outside of the forest, alive.
  4. slowed the car as we landed on the ground outside of the forest, alive. We got out of the car. We had several scratches and cuts on our legs and arms. They weren't deep, but they were enough to scrape the skin. We hurried to the common room so we wouldn't be caught and have points detected. Then Ron glanced at my right leg and so did Harry. They could finally see since the lighting in the common room was fairly good.
  5. "Your leg is bleeding." They said. I looked down at my leg, where there was a big gash. Must have formed when we were in the forest. "We need to get you to the Hospital Wing. I'm sure the wing is still open." I shook my head.
  6. "Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself. Even if we do go to the Hospital Wing, how do we explain the cuts and scrapes? It doesn't even hurt. Plus, you need to worry about yourselves and Hermoine first. I've had enough adventure for today."
  7. I said, then beginning to yawn. "Thanks, good night guys." I didn't let them answer and was already on my way. When I was out of sight, I hobbled up the stairs to my room, putting all of my weight on my left leg. The slightest bit of pressure hurt my leg. When I entered my room, I took out my first aid kit to find gauze and rubbing alcohol.
  8. I applied rubbing alcohol to the gash to clean the bacteria from it to prevent infection. I then bandaged it with gauze to prevent the bleeding. I laid my head on my pillow and fell into a deep sleep.
  9. end of chapter 31
  10. cliffhanger-ish

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