The Girl Who Lived part 31-40

Hey guys! So once again, here's another installment of The Girl Who Lived! I hope that you like it, despite how short it is compared to all of the others

What I'm curious about, is that this is chapter 40 and right now, I'm at chapter 70 and I'm about at the beginning of year four. I have no idea why year three is so long

Created by: chopinSonata1849
  1. Part 31
  2. He continued driving while I stared backwards out the trunk window. One mistake and we would be ripped to shreds by spiders. "Harry, what if it catches us?" There was a little bit of a quiver in my voice. "They won't. Not without a fight." He looked determined, but it sounded like he was scared too. The car took off and we were in the air for a few minutes soaring above the trees. The ride was steady for a few minutes and once we were out of the Forbidden Forrest, the tension seemed to evaporate. Ron slowed the car as we landed on the ground outside of the forest, alive. We got out of the car. We had several scratches and cuts on our legs and arms. They weren't deep, but they were enough to scrape the skin. We hurried to the common room so we wouldn't be caught and have points detected. Then Ron glanced at my right leg and so did Harry. They could finally see since the lighting in the common room was fairly good. "Your leg is bleeding." They said. I looked down at my leg, where there was a big gash. Must have formed when we were in the forest. "We need to get you to the Hospital Wing. I'm sure the wing is still open." I shook my head. "Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself. Even if we do go to the Hospital Wing, how do we explain the cuts and scrapes? It doesn't even hurt. Plus, you need to worry about yourselves and Hermoine first. I've had enough adventure for today." I said, then beginning to yawn. "Thanks, good night guys." I didn't let them answer and was already on my way. When I was out of sight, I hobbled up the stairs to my room, putting all of my weight on my left leg. The slightest bit of pressure hurt my leg. When I entered my room, I took out my first aid kit to find gauze and rubbing alcohol. I applied rubbing alcohol to the gash to clean the bacteria from it to prevent infection. I then bandaged it with gauze to prevent the bleeding. I laid my head on my pillow and fell into a deep sleep.
  3. Part 32
  4. There was no way I could hide a gash that big in plain sight. I put a bit of gauze on my leg to cover the wound on my calf. I put on my Gryfindoor white collared shirt and buttoned it up not bothering to button the top two buttons, robes and grey skirt that had fit to be an inch above my knee. Under my skirt, I wore dark purple lace leggings. Then, to cover my legs, I put on my black lace-up combat boots that perfectly covered the spot on my calf. I went to my first class. I tried to pay attention, but the throbbing pain was quite a distraction. I was in potions, and I sat next to Draco, with Ron and Harry to on the table next to us. They gave me worried glances but I shook them off and gave them a reassuring smile. I couldn't have them worrying about me when Hermoine needed their help much more than I did. "What's up with Potter? He got a little crush on me?" Draco spat. I couldn't help laughing at his remark. The thought of him and Draco being able to have a civilized conversation would have been enough to make me burst into laughter. "You know, I hear that opposites attract. In your case-" I was stopped in midsentence when Draco put his hand over my mouth to muffle my speaking." Snape finished explaining the lesson and then with that, class was over. "Hey Harry, Draco says-" I had jerked away from his hand for a brief second. Harry looked back at us. Then, he put his palm over my hand again. "One more word and-" He began, his eyes intense. Perfect moment to make fun of him again. "I'll tell my father about this." I mimicked him, making it sound like he had said it. I had practiced mimicking him so many times in front of the servents that I nearly had perfected it. "Why you little-" Before he could finish, I jumped from my chair letting it fall and sprinted down the hall. He was faster than I thought. I continued to run, but he was right on my trail, there was no way to lose him. I bolted through the hallway and onto the quid ditch field where Oliver was practicing for his next game. "Oliver, help!" He swooped down on his flying broom and picked me up off the ground. Oliver didn't lift me up that high off the ground but it was out of reach of Draco. Oliver and I sat on a broom like you would a bench. I liked the way it felt on the broom, the air was clean and there was a gentle breeze. Who knows, maybe I'll join the Quidditch team next year.
  5. Part 33
  6. "You're gonna have to come down sooner or later." Draco huffed, arms crossed. "Make me." I said in a child-like voice, sticking my tongue out at him. "That's it. Crabbe, Goyle!" Draco clapped his hands together as if they were his servants. Well, they kind of are his servants but they're more friends than servants. At least I would prefer it to be. "Take them down." He pointed at me and Oliver sitting on the broom. Crabbe and Goyle walked up beside Draco staring up at us. They were both eating so I guess Draco had interrupted their snack time. "I won't do your bidding while it's still snack time, we made a deal." Crabbe had a half-eaten muffin in his hand and crumbs covered his grey cardigan, Goyle had a box of apple juice and a bag of goldfish. They were such kids. Draco had a fit about the fact they hadn't followed his orders or that he really wanted Goyle's goldfish. If I were in his shoes, It would most certainly be about the goldfish. Draco grabbed Crabbe's half-eaten muffin and threw it on the ground. He took Goyle's apple juice, squirted the remainder of it into his mouth and poured the rest of the bag of goldfish Goyle into his mouth. "Is it still snack time!" Although it was supposed to be a question, he yelled it more than asked it as a question. Crabbe and Goyle paused a minute. "Crabbe, Goyle. His question was rhetorical which means he doesn't want an answer." I said for them, still hovering on the flying broom with Oliver above reach. "You guys are so useless! I don't even know why I keep you around." Draco turned to his underlings and threw the apple juice onto the ground. "20 points from Slytherin." Said Mrs. McGonagall who was walking across the field. Draco's attention was focused on Mrs. McGonagall who was giving him a lesson on littering. This was a great time to spook him. I gave Oliver hand gestures and made him lower down his broom. Then, I adjusted the direction I was sitting on the broom so I was facing away from them. I used my hands to grip the broom and tightened my legs around the broom. I fell forward and down with my hands and legs holding me to the broom. Once I had checked to make sure my legs weren't loose enough to let me fall, I let my hands release from the broom stick so I was hanging upside down. When Mrs. McGonagall was finished with her mini-lesson on littering, Draco turned on his heel quickly to face me to find my face and his only inches apart. "You'd better watch your back Malfoy." I straightened my legs so I wasn't hanging off Oliver's broom and landed with a solid hand stand. I then performed a flip so I would be standing on my feet. With that, I walked off.
  7. Part 34
  8. Later in the mess hall during lunch hour, I decided to visit Hermione in the hospital wing with Neville. I brought 2 dozen freshly baked assorted muffins in a picnic basket. We bumped into Crabbe and Goyle on our way walking in the hall. "Hey Crabbe, Goyle. Here, have a muffin to compensate for the snacks that Draco ruined earlier." I handed them each a muffin. "We must be on our way to visit Hermoine, your free to join us if you like." They shook their heads. "No thanks, his majesty doesn't like to be kept waiting." Goyle said bowing. "yeah, his highness is a royal pain in the-" Crabbe snorted until I slapped my hand onto his mouth. I saw Draco walking up to us. "Excuse me, I'm royal pain in the what?" Draco interrupted. "Well, good luck to the both of you getting out of this one." I said putting my hand on their shoulder before leaving with Neville. We passed many faces in the hall that I couldn't put a name to. I saw Oliver as he was about to pass us. He had a vintage lace ribbon tied around wrist. "That is not your color." I said pointing to my ribbon. "Here, I wanted to give it back. It seemed to have had been giving me good luck in quid ditch, I wasn't even hit by a bludger this time." Oliver untied the ribbon from his wrist and placed it in my hand. Taking the ribbon with care, I tied up my hair with an elastic hair-tie first and then tied my ribbon on top of it. "Id's love to talk more but it's time to go to quid ditch practice. "Thanks Oliver." I waved goodbye and we continued to walk forward towards the Hospital Wing. When we arrived I set down the basket of muffins and wrote 'thanks so much for coming to visit Hermoine or one of the kids who were paralyzed. Help yourself.' on a card, placing it outside of the muffin basket where it was visible. I turned back to Hermoine. Neville set down 5 books in case anyone wanted to read to her. He looked over at me and his face turned from relieved to concerned. "Your leg." He said pointing at my right leg. "What?" I looked down at my leg to my calf. Underneath my leggings, I could see part of the gauze I had wrapped my calf in sticking out. The off-white color it had when I wrapped it, had turned into a deep maroon. "I fell while running in the forest. I scraped my knee a little, it's nothing to worry about." "Did anyone take a look at it?" "No but, I really didn't want to worry Ron and Harry. They're so worried about Hermoine, Hag rid and the Chamber. I can't burden them. I know how to take care of myself. I disinfected it." " At least let me take a look at it." I sat knowing that when Neville did this, he would not let go of the subject. Pulling up my legging, I removed the gauze to show my gash. I winced a little when separating the gauze which had become some sort of clot from the gash. Neville's face remained calm as it always was. He reached for rubbing alcohol that was on a table that was on the other side of Hermione. He reached over her and poured the alcohol onto the scrape. Neville replaced the old bandages with new ones for sanitary reasons. "There, all better." Glancing at Hermione, I noticed something peculiar that grabbed my attention. She was clutching something. Now standing, I reached for her hand that was concealing pieces of crumpled papers. I gently loosened her grasp on the paper. Maybe what was in her hand had gotten her petrified. "Neville, you have to take a look at this."
  9. Part 35
  10.       "It's information on a monster called the Basilisk. According to this, the monster is capable of killing anyone who is looking at them in plain sight." I told Harry and Ron in the Gryffindor common room while Neville went to go eat a late dinner. "You're not the only one with news, I overheard the teachers talking. Ginny's been taken into the Chamber and Lockhart's going to be sent to save her tomorrow." Harry said. "I can't trust him as far as I can throw him." Ron said in between bites while eating a bag of gummy worms. I grabbed a gummy worm from the bag. "I think we'd better follow him." I said popping a gummy worm in my mouth. "We should get some sleep, we have a big day ahead of us." I headed upstairs to hit the hay. The next morning, I followed my normal routine. I ate in the lunch room sitting next to Neville, Oliver, with the twins sitting across from us. "What? No whoopee cushion this morning?" "Not today. You threw away, broke or ripped up our other whoopee cushions." Fred replied. "But don't worry Scarlet, we have plenty other pranks that we've just been itching to try out." George grinned so much that his smile was getting creepy. "Remember, I'll always be one step ahead of you." I said. "Oh really? Then, do you want some peanut brittle?" Fred handed me a shady looking can of peanut brittle. "Yes I would." I accepted the can and opened it while I pointed it towards them. Several springs jumped out at them. "Nice try." I had finished eating and was ready to meet Harry and Ron. When I met them, Harry and Ron were holding our big-headed teacher Gildrey Lockhart at wand-point (similar to gunpoint but with a wand). Turns out, Lockhart's entire past is false. He used erasing charms on witches and wizards, taking all the credit for their accoplishments."What a snotty thing to do. I oughta-" "We need to focus on finding Ginny first." Harry said. After a long while of searching, we found the entrance in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. When we entered the Chamber, there was a giant snake skin on the floor. When Lockhart saw the sight of it, he fainted. "Guess it was too much. He's more of a sissy that I thought." Minutes later when he woke, he tried using a memory charm with Ron's broken wand. There was a struggle and his spell backfired making him lose his memories. We stood in a triangle with a heavily confused Lockhart on the side. There was the sound of rock crumbling above us. One pebble fell, then another and then the Chamber cave began to cave in. Harry was standing right underneath where the rocks were going to collapse. "Harry!" I sprinted towards him shoulder first, ramming into Harry first making him fly inches above ground. We landed with a thud and we were separated from Ron.
  11. Part 36
  12. "It's no use Harry, we're separated by a wall of rock that's a meter thick. If we continue on, we're bound to find Ginny, there's only one way to go anyway." "Alright." In the long tunnel, there was a light ahead. Nothing too bright, but a slight glow. There were colors ahead, I had to squint to figure it out. It was Ginny. As Harry and I got closer, her features sharpened and became more clear. "This doesn't seem right." I said looking around to make sure the coast was clear. Harry ran towards her while I treaded lightly ready to have his back in case anything happened. We passed snake sculptures on either side of the chamber. When he reached her he shouted for her to wake. She didn't. When I reached her, I listened to her pulse. It was slower than it should be and began to slow down more. Her breathing didn't occur as much either. Then a student appeared from around a pillar in front of us. "Oh, she won't wake." He walked toward us, he didn't exactly have that friendly atmosphere about him. "Tom, Tom Riddle. What do you mean she won't? She"˜s not-" Harry asked. The stranger, or Tom kept walking towards us. "She's not." He continued to speak to Harry but I had stopped listenening, Tom picked up Harry's wand. "She's as cold as ice." Harry commented looking up at Tom Riddle who had his wand. "Give me my wand Tom." "Oh, you won't be needing it." He said. "Listen, she's dying fast, we need to get her to some urgent care." I said. "We need to get her out of here." Said Harry. "I'm afraid I can't let you do that, you see, as poor Ginny grows weaker, I grow stronger. It was Ginny who opened the Chamber, Ginny who wrote the threatening messages and sent the basilisk to attack." "Ginny couldn't have, she wouldn't." Said Harry. "Oh but she would." Said Tom. "Why?" "Because I told her to. You see, I can be very persuasive." He held Harry's wand. I was in and out of their conversation, giving Ginny CPR can use a lot of concentration. Harry and Tom began arguing. Then, he explained to us, how he's Lord Voldemort. Tom Riddle summoned the Basilisk to attack. The Basilisk looked more like a serpent that would've lived in the Jurassic times. Dumbledore's phoenix Fawkes flew in and attacked the Basilisks eye and then giving Harry the sorting hat. Harry drew the sword of Godric Gryffindor and ran up one of the sculptures to have a fair fight with the monster. I sprinted towards one of the snake sculptures on the side that began to crack and broke off a sharp piece of stone. I stabbed the serpents tail and its tail swung back and hit me, slamming me into the furthest wall in the cave. I heard his voice in my head. I was laying there, almost all energy drained, head spinning. "Some father you are." I commented, everything was sore. "I'm not your father, he's some oaf who was a Slytherin. I could be though, your father I mean. If, you joined me in taking down Dumbledore and becoming my head minion." "Never." "Before you say no, I want you to know I wasn't lying earlier about your mother being dead, or her being a Gryffindor. She was a beauty." "How do I know your not lying?" "I'm very persuasive." He said lastly. With that, his voice disappeared, the Basilisk was dead, Harry was unconscious and soon, so was I.
  13. Part 37
  14. When I woke, I was in the Hospital Wing. I'd become used to the atmosphere here. The colors around me were all blurry but my hearing was as good as ever. My hair wasn't up in a ponytail anymore, it was down and pushed to one side. Neville was sitting in the one comfortable hospital chair that didn't fold up, reading aloud Shakespeare. It was a struggle to sit up but Neville noticed my struggle and helped me sit up right. My sight became more clear and the features of the hospital wing became more clear, instead of random colors. There were stings of pain in my abdomen area when I sat up. "Neville, what happened?" "Well, I wasn't there but I've heard the story from Harry. After you had been smacked into that wall, Harry was bitten by the Basilisk but he killed it by stabbing the monster in the mouth. Harry also took a Basilisk tooth and stabbed the diary with the tooth, making Tom Riddle disappear. Ginny later regained consciousness and found Harry dying. Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix healed Harry's wounds. Dobby is finally free from serving the Malfoy's. Lastly, the year-end feast is right now and we leave tomorrow to go home and Hermione and the Basilisk's victims are perfectly fine now. The feast is still going on now but the doctor said that you had better stay here to heal. You have a couple broken ribs, a broken leg and several other bruised areas." "Thanks Neville. Why aren't you at the feast right now?" "Well, I wanted to. We agreed to watch over you until you completely healed but I volunteered to stay tonight. Glad that you finally woke up. You started to worry everyone. Actually, I want to go inform them that your up since my shift just ended, I'll be right back." I nodded watching him leave as the twins walked in with a shady looking can of peanut-brittle and a whoopee cushion. "Glad to see that sleeping beauty is up." Said Fred. "You gave us quite a scare, especially Neville." George said. "We know that because of your injuries from being slapped into a wall that you can't attend the end of year feast. " So we decided to bring it to you." Said Fred. The hospital wing door opened and in stepped all the people I known throughout the school. Hermione and Ginny were there. They brought food, flowers and balloons. The twins picked me up with ease and placed me in a wheel chair that had my name on it, literally. "Why is my name on this wheel chair?" "Because it's part of our gift. We figured that if you get injured as often as you do, your going to need another form of transportation." Said the twins. Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time except for three figures in the corner. Draco, Crabbe and Goyle. "Why did they bother to show up? They don't seem to be having a very good time." I asked the twins who were throwing confetti. "Oh them? Harry made them. He knows how you two are kind of similar to family and how your parents entrusted you with the Malfoy's. It took him a while to be able to do that. He really does detest Malfoy. Almost took all his energy to not punch him right there on the spot." Fred and George told me.
  15. Part 38
  16. "I bet Harry didn"˜t do enough to convince Draco to come since they"˜re more opposite than day and night. Did you help convince him?" I said raising an eyebrow. "Why yes we did, I blackmailed them. Isn't that right Freddie?" Said George. "What did you use against them?" "That's right George. We actually told the Slytherin crew that we would tell Pansy that Draco had quite a crush on her." Fred replied. "You guys are awful." I said jokingly, punching them in their arms. I wheeled over to Ginny, Hermione, Harry and Ron. "I'm relieved to see the three of you so well." My comment was directed towards Ginny, Hermione and Harry which they understood while Ron, as usual was stuffing his face. "Thanks, but I know I speak for all of us when I say we were deeply concerned about you. I don't know about Malfoy over there." Harry said. I could hear Ron attempt to speak but the only thing that came out was food that fell out. After being practically family, I understood Ron's language, something that people who weren't part of the Weasley couldn't understand. "What's that Ron? I don't know what you're saying. "I can decipher the code. He says that I should've been worried about him. Yeah, I do worry but not for that reason." I added in. "Yeah, we have to worry about him getting type 2 diabetes." Said George from afar. "Good one George." Said Fred standing next to George, then giving him a high-five.
  17. Part 39
  18. After talking to the Golden Trio and Ginny for quite some time, I moved on to talk to Oliver and Neville. I was trying to make it a point to have a conversation with every person in the room who gave up eating with everyone else in the year-end feast. "Hey Oliver and Neville." "Hey Scarlet, great that your finally feeling better. Dumbledore is headmaster again and Hagrid was taken back from Azkaban. Can't imagine what's in store next year." Oliver said. "Really? That's wonderful news. Have you seen my hair ribbon?" I asked. I had plenty more but I'd just gotten used to the ribbon. "I removed your hair ribbon because the nurses needed to wash your hair. I was using it as a bookmark so I knew where it was. Here." Neville went over to his Shakespeare book and pulled out my ribbon, handing it to me. I tied up my hair with the ribbon. "Thanks, after a long time, this ribbon has built up a lot of sentimental value. Anyway, Oliver how's quid ditch going? I heard you guys won a game while I was out." "We did, got hit with a bludger this time though. There's already a bruise on my arm. I think it was your ribbon that prevented me from getting hurt. You're my good luck charm Scarlet." When he said that, his face turned a heavy shade of pink. "Thanks, but I'm not the lucky type." I answered. "Excuse me for ruining your little moment, but I want to talk to Scarlet alone." Said Draco who put his hand on my shoulder. Just his touch made me shiver.
  19. Part 40
  20. I wheeled away with him. Well, more pushed than wheeled. "So, glad you came. Did Harry irritate you too much or was it the blackmail the twins dished out?" "It was neither." He continued pushing the wheelchair out towards the lake. "You sure? Your not scared that flower chick would come after you? I heard she's annoying as Moaning Myrtle." "Parkinson? Yeah, she's the worst. Always clinging to me." "Where are we going?" "You'll see in a minute. I wasn't planning on it taking this long but, with you in a wheelchair, there's not much I can do about it. Plus, you're heavier than I thought." "I can push myself, don't worry about it." I waved it off and wheeled myself faster than he had pushed me. "No, my father wanted me to be a perfect gentleman when I asked this." He sped up, gripped the wheelchair handles and pushed me towards the tree. When we were right near the lake, he pushed me under a weeping willow. It was a wonderful view. The stars stood out in the dark night sky even from looking at it from underneath the weeping willow. Draco held up a lantern and with the whip of his wand lit the lantern. The moment was just magical, joke intended. "What were you going to ask?" "Well, I wanted to ask if you would work at the Malfoy Mansion for this party I'm hosting. Will you?" He held up the lantern at an angle so I could see his face and he could see mine. "Yeah, no problem. Is that all? I want to get back inside before they start to worry." I turned myself around and began heading towards the hospital wing. "Scarlet wait, that's not all. Will you also my companion for the evening?" His face turned a very slight shade of pink that you'd have to squint to see in broad daylight. "I'll think about it." I winked, and continued on rolling towards the wing. When I arrived, everyone gave a sigh of relief. We ate some of the food that they had brought and then, they packed everything and left. I fell asleep in the hospital wing figuring that sleeping there would be easier than climbing up all the stairs. The next morning, everyone packed their bags and stood on that familiar platform waiting for the train to pick us up. "So, do you have an answer?" "yes." The twins came over to me and wheeled me away towards the train. "Time to go Scarlet, we have to board you first before anyone else cause of your wheel chair." Said George. "What about my suitcase?" "Oh don't worry about it, Ron's got our stuff." Fred pointed at Ron who was carrying a total of 4 suitcases and it wasn't working out too well for him. The twins wheeled me to the front of the train. They placed me in a normal compartment in the wheelchair closest to the window. I stared out the window wondering what my third year of Hogwarts would bring.
  21. End of Year 2

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