The Girl Who Lived part 32

Part 32 is out! I have already written up to part 40 and there are 2 longer chapters (not that long but longer than this). I plan to publish these chapters very soon.

Yeah, so part 40 doesn't have the biggest cliffhanger but it does in fact end year 2, so it does kind of have one. Anyway, hope you enjoy this chapter.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. There was no way I could hide a gash that big in plain sight. I put a bit of gauze on my leg to cover the wound on my calf. I put on my Gryfindoor white collared shirt and buttoned it up not bothering to button the top two buttons, robes and grey skirt that had fit to be an inch above my knee. Under my skirt, I wore dark purple lace leggings. Then, to cover my legs, I put on my black lace-up combat boots that perfectly covered the spot on my calf. I went to my first class. I tried to pay attention, but the throbbing pain was quite a distraction. I was in potions, and I sat next to Draco, with Ron and Harry to on the table next to us. They gave me worried glances but I shook them off and gave them a reassuring smile. I couldn't have them worrying about me when Hermoine needed their help much more than I did.
  2. "What's up with Potter? He got a little crush on me?" Draco spat. I couldn't help laughing at his remark. The thought of him and Draco being able to have a civilized conversation would have been enough to make me burst into laughter.
  3. "You know, I hear that opposites attract. In your case-" I was stopped in midsentence when Draco put his hand over my mouth to muffle my speaking." Snape finished explaining the lesson and then with that, class was over. "Hey Harry, Draco says-" I had jerked away from his hand for a brief second. Harry looked back at us. Then, he put his palm over my hand again.
  4. "One more word and-" He began, his eyes intense. Perfect moment to make fun of him again.
  5. "I'll tell my father about this." I mimicked him, making it sound like he had said it. I had practiced mimicking him so many times in front of the servents that I nearly had perfected it.
  6. "Why you little-" Before he could finish, I jumped from my chair letting it fall and sprinted down the hall. He was faster than I thought. I continued to run, but he was right on my trail, there was no way to lose him. I bolted through the hallway and onto the quid ditch field where Oliver was practicing for his next game.
  7. "Oliver, help!" He swooped down on his flying broom and picked me up off the ground. Oliver didn't lift me up that high off the ground but it was out of reach of Draco. Oliver and I sat on a broom like you would a bench. I liked the way it felt on the broom, the air was clean and there was a gentle breeze. Who knows, maybe I'll join the Quidditch team next year.
  8. with that, chapter 32 is done
  9. excuse my spelling errors if there are any
  10. filler question

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