Into the Faerie Realm (part 1)

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Hey, guys. So, I wasn't even sure if I was going to put this story up, but I decided to anyway, so I hope you enjoy it, and please tell me what you thought about it because your feedback is very important.

Now, I know that this probably isn't the longest first chapter, but bear with me. If I decide to continue this, then the chapters will get longer as they go on, I promise.

Created by: Night_Owl
  1. "Never step into a Faerie Circle." That's what my grandma Elizabeth would always tell me. Growing up, I believed that terrible things would happen if I stepped into a Circle, so I always avoided them whenever I saw them. Until one day when I ventured inside one. However, I don't regret stepping inside. I only regret what happened in the end. My name is Fawn Allison Elliot, and this is my story....
  2. "Have a great summer!" Teachers yelled as students stormed through the doors, heading outside. As I walked outside, I noticed my boyfriend, Avery, leaning against the brick wall, his blue eyes glued to his phone. As I neared him, he lifted up his head, the wind blowing his shaggy blonde hair, and he gave me a smile that showed his perfect white teeth and his dimples. "Hey." I smiled back, and he gave me a kiss when I was close enough. We've been together for four years now. "How does it feel to be a Junior?" He asked and slipped his hand into mine as we started walking towards the cars. "The same as it did five minutes ago when I was a Sophomore. How does it feel to be a Senior?" I asked, lightly bumping into him. "I definitely feel older." He replied. "Well, you don't look like it." I assured him, and we dropped each others hands so we could go on opposite sides of his car.
  3. "Ready to go camping?" He asked as soon as we closed the car doors. "Yep, I just have to get everything from my house though." I reminded him, and then he started driving towards my house. During the whole school, we planned to have an awesome summer. It started off with camping for a week up by a lake in Maine, then we were going to drive down to Cedar Point, camp again in Tennessee, and then finish it off by driving down to Disney World. Of course, we would have to drive back up to Maine, but we figured that the drive back up wouldn't be so bad if we stayed in hotels at night, driving through the day. "Do you want me to come with you?" Avery asked as he pulled up into my driveway. He knew that my father and I got into a lot of arguments when he's drunk, but I never told him how serious it was. Sometimes he would get physical, and when he's sober, he mentally abuses me. "No, he should be at work, and it'll only take me a couple minutes to get everything." I assured him with a smile and got out of the car, walking inside my house.
  4. The first thing that I noticed was the smell. Then I saw the empty beer bottles laying on the kitchen floor. He was thankfully passed out on the couch. I quickly and quietly ran upstairs to my room, where I had the tent and all of the clothes that I would need. I ran into my bathroom to grab my toothbrush, toothpaste, and brush, and then looked at myself in the mirror. My long black hair was sticking up in the back from the car seat, so I quickly smoothed that down. I stared at my bright green eyes for a while because they were the only things that connected me to my mom, Eliza. She died when I was born, and my father took that out on me. I only know what she looks like from a wedding picture, and from that, I saw that I have her eyes.
  5. I stuffed the items into my bag and walked downstairs. That's when I saw that he was now awake. "Where are you heading to?" The words were slurred. "I already told you: I'm going camping with Avery." I said and he got off of the couch, staggering towards me. "You're going off with that boy of your's, and you didn't even tell me?" He sounded angry. Never a good sign. "I did tell you," I reminded him. "Why aren't you at work?" I tried changing the subject. "Took the day off," he simply responded. "Now tell me, who gave you the idea that you could disobey me?" "I don't know what you're talking about." I usually don't when he's drunk. "And I'm leaving. I'll be back by the end of the summer." I started heading for the door, but he blocked my path. "You're not going anywhere. You're going to stay in this house, and never speak to that boy again. He's been a bad influence on you." He told me. "No, you're wrong and I'm leaving." I said, but I didn't move my legs. It was like I was frozen. Frozen in fear of him hurting me. I hated it.
  6. He turned around, walked towards the door, and locked it. That action confused me because I could just easily unlock the door. "You're not going anywhere." He repeated and grabbed an empty beer bottle on the floor, smashing it on the door handle, and creating a makeshift serrated knife. "You don't know what you're doing. Put that down," I stumbled backwards. "No, I know exactly what I'm doing. I should've done it a long time ago, when you were a baby. You're the demon that haunts my dreams, and I can't have you destroy my world. You took away everyone that I loved: Eliza, Elizabeth, and I won't let you take away anyone else." He started walking towards me. "Grandma died of a heart attack," I reminded him. "And you were with her!" He yelled, swinging the bottle at me. I ducked and ran into the kitchen, looking for a knife.
  7. There were none in the sink, and all of the drawers were childproof, and I didn't have time to open them. He must've planned this out. "How could you be content to kill your own daughter?" I spun around to face him. I had to keep him talking, so I could distract him long enough to come up with a plan. "Sacrifices have to be made," he replied, walking towards me again. "Avery's outside waiting for me. He'll know something's wrong, and come in." I walked backwards until my back was pressed against the cool counter. He stood right in front of me. "I'll take care of him later." His eyes darkened and he lifted the glass. I closed my eyes and raised my arms above my head, waiting for the impact. I felt the glass slice through my forearms, and I cried out in pain. The impact was enough to make my fall to the ground. Now, I was curled up in a ball, cowering, against the counter wall. The glass was lifted above my head again, and I squeezed my eyes shut, lifting my arms once more, and waited. Ten seconds had passed. The impact never came. I slowly opened my eyes, and noticed that no one was there. He was nowhere to be found, and the house was deadly silent. I grabbed the counter above me, pulling myself off of the floor, and I instantly felt a sharp pain in my forearm. I leaned against the counter and examined my forearms. Blood covered the entire length of forearm, and I couldn't tell where the cuts were because of the blood. They stung, and I was getting this weird tingly feeling in my hands. That was probably from the adrenaline though. My heart pounded against my chest, and I listened to that, trying to calm myself down.
  8. THUMP. Everything's okay.
  9. THUMP. You're going to be alright.
  10. THUMP. He can't hurt you anymore.
  11. THUMP. You're alive.
  12. I took one last shaky breath and walked over to the sink. I turned on the water and washed away the blood. When all of the blood was gone, I tried to find the cuts, but to my surprise, there were none. First he disappears, and now I'm no longer hurt. What's going on here? I thought, and then dried the water off of my arms from a towel. Most people probably would've been freaking out that their father had just tried to kill them, disappeared, and they seemed unharmed, but I wasn't. Most people probably would've called the cops, or a relative, but I didn't. I just grabbed my bags, unlocked the door, and climbed back into Avery's car. "What took you so long?" He asked as soon as I slid into the seat. "Sorry," I said, buckling the seatbelt. "I couldn't find everything." I surprised myself at how easily I could lie. "Well then let's not waste anymore time." He pulled out of my driveway, and started heading north, towards the lake.
  13. And this is where I shall leave it at. I would really appreciate it if you guys told me what you thought in the comments. Give me suggestions, or just simply tell me whether you liked it or not. Thank you for reading :). Bye.

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