What Samsaric Realm Will You Be Reborn Into?

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The Six Realms are in which beings are reborn. The one you will reborn into is determined by Karma. Some realms seem more pleasant than others - but all are temporary and imperfect. The Six Realms often are illustrated by the Wheel of Life.

There are 6 realms: 3 with subtle suffering and 3 with more intense suffering. There are the realms of the Gods, Warriors, Humans, Animals, Hungry Ghosts and Hell. Each realm can be a dimension, planet or a state of mind depending on your personality. What one are you born in or will be reborn in? Let's find out.

Created by: Graham.
  1. How do you feel about your family and friends?
  2. You are granted 3 wishes...you have used up 2, so what is your final one?
  3. You have signed up for an audition at the school pantomime and you have a part! YIPPEE!!! Thoughts...?
  4. Pick one:
  5. You are walking along a street and an old lady drops her purse. She appears not to notice and keeps on walking. You open the purse and see £100! What do you do?
  6. Answer honestly...how good are you?
  7. You have finished decorating your house after weeks of toil. What are your thoughts?
  8. You are playing a game of volleyball in the school championships. You have practised for weeks and your team wins! Everyone congratulates you. What do say?
  9. It's exam results day, and you came top in your english class with an A What do you think?
  10. How do you feel on the average day?

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Quiz topic: What Samsaric Realm will I Be Reborn Into?