How big is your Lusternian epeen?

This quiz tests the size of your e-peen in relation to the game Lusternia, Age of Ascension. Made specifically for players of Iron Realms games.

How massive is your e-peen? I bet you always wondered. With this quiz you can finally see. It's recommended that you are either a player of Lusternia or of Iron Realms games.

Created by: Aeral
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  1. Chatting on the NEWBIE channel, someone suggests that perhaps a certain skillset might work better for a newbie than another. You:
  2. Someone asks your advice on how to code something on the forums. You:
  3. You spar someone lower level than you and lose. You:
  4. Someone issues you. Infuriated, you:
  5. When it's "show and tell" time on the forums, you:
  6. In passing someone insults you in-game. You:
  7. How many trans skills do you have?
  8. How many Lusternia Forums posts do you have?
  9. Someone asks if you can hunt a high level area. You:
  10. A novice fresh from the Portal of Fate dies to drowning. You:

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Quiz topic: How big is my Lusternian epeen?