Prison Break part 1

ATTENTION ALL READERS: THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE AUTHOR. This is similar to a pilot on TV. If you guys, the fans like this, the last question asks if you want it to continue or discontinue, please pick whatever one you want.

If the story is liked enough, this story will continue. However, if you do not like it and the ratings and stuff are bad, it will be discontinued. P.S THIS IS THE SEQUAL TO DELIINQUENTS.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. I sprinted through the dreary streets of London past and a beads of sweat rolled down my forehead. I quickly wiped it away using my sleeve not bothering to stop. The slippery streets from last nights rain gave us both a disadvantage. Running in a straight line certainly wouldn't help me lose them. I turned into the nearest alley holding my breath, not breathing the toxic fumes that came from the rubbish bins. I continued on to the next street zigzagging through the groups of people avoiding their gazes.
  2. Once I finally lost them or they had given up this game of cat and mouse, I headed towards home. It was soon in sight but my legs felt as if they were going to give out. I urged myself to continue walking. I neared an old theatre that was no longer in use and had been shut down due to a shortage of funds. The front was locked of course, but the side door wasn't. I knocked on the side door in the alley. There were couple of sounds and a space about two thirds up the door slid open revealing only eyes of a person..
  3. "Delinquents." I said as the space in the door closed and the whole door opened. Walking into the theatre, I followed Henry towards our spot after he locked the side door.
  4. "I barely survived last nights raid. One of the people woke up and I had to hide. They almost caught me but thankfully they went back to bed. What did you get?" His face was covered in dirt that covered his fair complexion as always. Henry's honey blond hair had so much dirt it had been turned pitch black while his Citrine eyes stayed their brilliant colour.
  5. "Well, I stole some apples from a vendor on the streets and a loaf of bread but they began chasing me earlier. This is all I have." I handed him the loaf and two apples which he then placed in a plastic bag hiding it in one of the seats.
  6. Henry was one of my closest well, let me rephrase that, Henry was one few friends. We met one rainy night in London. I was trying to escape from an angry vendor who I had stolen stuff from while Henry had stolen a pie cooling on a windowsill. We collided and since the two of us were both eager to escape our pursuers, he and I ducked into an old theatre. Henry and I had been friends and partners since. One more person meant one more provider but also another mouth to feed. Together Henry and I stole from the richer side of town during the night. Hopping down chimneys like Santa except, we didn't give to the already privileged.
  7. "Andrea, we may have to move soon." Henry said pulling out a canteen of water and handing it to me first. I pushed my long platinum blonde hair that went to the small of my back behind my ears.
  8. "Is it them again?"
  9. "Yeah. They won't take no for an answer. We have to find another place."
  10. It's not so much of 'who' that I'm running from. More like 'what'. A prison.
  11. continue or discontinue?
  12. continue or discontinue?

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