Can u survive:Prison Cooling

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Are you one of those who are scared of prison life , and can not live in prison . Then take this quiz to see if you do not know . See whether you can .

Now take this quiz and see how well did you do , and do not forget that this is the correct and accurate answer . So be careful . Anyway just choose .

Created by: cooling

  1. What do people call you in school?
  2. Would you try to escape from jail?
  3. How would you react,if a jailer starts to kick you for no reason?He does that everday.
  4. Now it is dinner time.Some prisoners have finished the dinner,now they want you to give your food to them.What would you do?
  5. Are you brave enough to back answer a police?
  6. Now it is sleep time?You plan this day to escape with some friends.While escaping some police spots you,what would you do?
  7. What would you do if a prisioner says,'eat this worm or get hurt'.
  8. Would you challenge people in the jail?
  9. Which of these can you do best?
  10. The jailers tell you to go home.Now you are free,when one guy punches you.Are you going to fight and go to jail again?

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