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take this quiz.plz give stars lots of stars and raining of stars.lets see if can survive.Any way i feel good for making this quiz. If u like give a comment

lets see how you did in a few minutes . U mst have done good maybe or maybe not .hope u did well.anyway see u all nest time in another quiz.i make quiz often

Created by: cooling

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  1. How would try to survive 2012?
  2. What would you do if there was fire behind you,you are on a high bridge and water below the bridge
  3. You pass by a food stall and get some food.While walking you see your friend.What next
  4. Your friend decides to come with you,now suddenly metroids start falling from the sky.What next
  5. Some how when you start moving your friend dies!Now what.
  6. When you where on the move,5 people surround you and to give all the food.
  7. Those guys beat you up.You are badly hurt.You are about to die,whats your wish
  8. The next day you wake in a beach.You see your friend helping you with the wound.What would you do?
  9. He sais 'I just fell asleep'.Then next what would you do if a person sais'whos life shoud I spare?
  10. Are you brave enough to deal with the strongest bully of your school?
  11. Can you eat an alive human head,for life?!?!

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