Will you survive 2012

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Alot of people think that they are tough. But being able to survive is a whole different story. Making it through and being safe are different as well

Can YOU surivive? Do you have the skills to obtain that huge measurement? Until now you could only wish. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes, you will find out!

Created by: Alex

  1. What do you do when in a three story building and a tornado warning has been sent to the surrounding areas, including your exact location?
  2. What is the freezing point in degrees farenhite?
  3. If there are flood warnings in you area, what should you do?
  4. How do you treat burns?
  5. A blizzard is...
  6. what do you need to make a fire?
  7. Earth quakes are dangerous. True or false?
  8. Fill in the blank : _______ are very dangerous in certain weather conditions
  9. Do you think you will survive?
  10. Danger can come in many forms. People are one of them. True or False?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive 2012