The Quiz To Survival

The Mayans predicted that the end of the world would come in 2012, alot of people are determined that this will be the apocalypse, but others not so much.

either way if a disaster strikes you might not know how to survive, but...again you might be smart and skilled enough to handle the wilderness, take the quiz to find out!

Created by: Courtney Lawton

  1. You're lost what do you do first?
  2. You See A Stream With Fish & You're Starving! What Do You Do?
  3. You Find A brightly colored bug and youre stomach is toatlly empty you...
  4. You're In the desert and you can't find anything to drink, how do u get water?
  5. You're freezing and you really want to go to sleep
  6. You're starving and your ribs are starting to show, hey berries!
  7. You found a pond, but it looks kind of murky...
  8. Youre trying to make a fire, what do you do first?
  9. You get attacked by a bear
  10. You find a tree with scratch marks in it and you saw some large dung earlier, either

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