Zombie Survival Quiz

Other Zombie Survival quizzes are mostly wrong and if followed would get you killed in less than a few hours, This quiz will truly test how long you will be able to survive in a Zombie Outbreak.

Remember that in a zombie outbreak the number one goal is survival not killing zombies or flying planes to deserted islands, because be honest, can you fly a plane and do you even know where the nearest deserted island is?

Created by: Louis Jones

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  1. during a zombie outbreak where do you go?
  2. What weapon would you choose to carry when going out for supplies.
  3. How many people would you travel with?
  4. Your scouting for supplies, you come across 3 zombies attacking a human, what do you do?
  5. Where would you go to look for supplies?
  6. How would you defend against a zombie attack?
  7. When traveling what type of vehicle would you choose?
  8. How would you check a building for zombies before entering?
  9. A group of strangers ask for your help, one of the has a wound but your not sure what from, what do you do?
  10. Zombies are?
  11. Zombies break into your home what do you do?
  12. What supplies do you take with you when you travel?
  13. What is the point of trying to survive a zombie outbreak?

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