Somewhat Realistic Zombie Survival Scenario

This is a zombie scenario based upon info in Max Brooks Book's and is statistically correct for many of the zombie movies. If you don't like statistics or survival, just go to another pure zombie only quiz.

Because this has to do with the actual factor of survival, statistics, and actual common sense. This is not one of those quizzes where it is like this ie; There is a gun store ahead, do you raid it?.. And yeah. This isn't one of those tests. So if you like those, go somewhere else and don't complain that it wasted 5 mins of your life.

Created by: Thatonedude
  1. What type of place do you currently reside in? (This is just approximate to what an average city or country area might consist of, population wise)?
  2. Do you have a B. O. B ready? (Bug out Bag, which is basically a survival bag for when SHTF)?
  3. How many plans or Rendezvous point do you have set?
  4. Do you have any Survival skill(s)?
  5. Do you have any time or skill set with firearms?
  6. If you were in a group of about 10 - 20 people, what type of job or profession would you have in this apocalyptic setting?
  7. If you were to Bug out (leave) where would you Bug out to?
  8. Is traveling in larger numbers advised? (approximately 50+)?
  9. If you had 100 of whatever ammunition type, what would you be able to carry more of? (due to weight problems of supplies).
  10. What melee weapon is considered the most Useful?
  11. How many people would you like in your Group or Clan or whatever you want to call it.?
  12. What type of vehicle(s) would you and your group use?
  13. If one of your random group members got bitten (make up your own scenario to how this idiot got bitten) what would you do?
  14. Do grenades work against the infected? (for this I'm using Max Brook's idea about explosives and the un-dead) (Also this question won't really effect your score much at all)?
  15. Is setting the zombies on fire a good idea? (also Max Brooks idea)?
  16. Does a zombies respiratory system work?
  17. What part of the zombie is most important to blow off, or kill? (in most zombie books and movies)?
  18. You see a fellow survivor across the road being attacked by a few zombies, do you help him/her? (there is no wrong answer, because it just depends on the scenario. But some answers will be worth more).
  19. Are your team and you nomadic? Or is your team and you looking for your final destination to set up base? ( no wrong answers here)?
  20. IF, you reach your final destination, what are the 5 essential things for survival in your base? (Working supplies means stuff like, building materials, tools, etc.).
  21. If you have built or scavenged a CB radio or some sort of communications device and have received coordinates for a small outpost/village that is within 100 miles, do you go? (No wrong answers).
  22. This test or quiz or whatever was mostly on survival and statistics. Do you think this test was good or okay? And also I want to see what this test should of had more of. (as in, more zombie events, or no it was a fine test, or not so boring, or other stuff...).

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