There are tons of zombie survival quiz, but none done with the correct knowledge needed to make an informed ruling on whether an option is correct for survival. I'm here to change all that with a highly realistic quiz that will test your knowledge on survival.

Are you savvy enough to survive the hordes? Take my quiz. But beware. There are more than one correct answer, and the most obvious one may not always be the best. Good luck!

Created by: Chris Atkins
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  1. Are you squeamish around blood or violence?
  2. How much fighting experience do you have?
  3. Have you ever fired a firearm?
  4. What physical condition are you in?
  5. Do you have good stamina? (Running, swimming, etc.)
  6. Do you know how to properly use a medikit? (Everything inside the kit)
  7. In a survival situation, which type of food should you keep in stock?
  8. You see on the local news channel that there is an outbreak. Assuming you realize immediately that it's a zombie threat. You...
  9. You need to pick one firearm to take with you. Which do you grab?
  10. And what about melee weapon?
  11. The best way to kill a zombie is to...
  12. You're passing through an area and you see a zombie shambling alone. You have a clear shot...
  13. You need a vehicle. You grab the keys to a...
  14. Your home is no longer available and you need shelter. You should stay at...
  15. Your friend was bitten. What do you do?
  16. You see a person lying in a clearing. They're clearly not a zombie, and they're screaming for help. They haven't seen you yet. You...
  17. You need supplies. Where do you check?
  18. You're at a house in the middle of nowhere. You need supplies. How do you enter?

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