Zombie Survival Quiz

Take this fun and realistic quiz to learn your knowledge about zombies!Of course they are not real,but I just make this quiz for fun,hope you will like it!

What will you do when a zombie outbreak accours?Will you survive?Or are you going to die?Or are you going to be one of them?Take this quiz to know!

Created by: manyak

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  1. Ok,easy first,to kill a zombie,you must shoot its .....
  2. Which weapon is best?
  3. Which place is best to fortify?
  4. While travelling,which vechile is the best?
  5. While travelling,which vechile is the best?
  6. How many peoples are going to have on your party?
  7. You have run run out of suplies!What will you do?
  8. Where are you living?
  9. Your best friends is bitten!What will you do?
  10. Which one of these side-arms is the best?
  11. Which melee weapon of these is the best?
  12. Have you got experience about firearms?
  13. Have you ever seen a horrible death or injurie?
  14. Which day time is ideal for traveling?
  15. Do you know any martial arts?
  16. Which armor is the best?
  17. Which one of them can you cure?
  18. Are you an emotional person?
  19. Ok,you have survived for 2-3 months,you have a good shelter,havent seen zombies for long time,enough suplies.So what now?
  20. You have bitten!What will you do?
  21. CAn you operate a small plane or helicopter?
  22. What is yout body type?
  23. How fast can you run?
  24. Can you swim?
  25. Can you keep yourself busy?
  26. Can you fix simple things?
  27. Now,be honest.Are you a brave person?
  28. Do you own any firearms?
  29. You have killed a horde of zombies,now there are full of zombie corpse corpses,what will you do with them?
  30. What to eat/drink during the innvasion?
  31. While enter a building,you .....
  32. Zombies can feel pain.
  33. Zombies can see.
  34. Zombies can hear.
  35. Zombies can smell.
  36. A flame thrower is good against zombies.
  37. A granade is effective against zombies!
  38. LAST QUESTION:Do you know how to make explosives?

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