Realistic Zombie Survival Test

There will come a time when the und34d will rise, and j00 n33d to be prepared. This is in no means a training simulator, but a guideline as to how well you must train yourself to prepare to the upr151ng.

Do you have what it takes to be a 5l4y3r of the horde3? Test j0yourself. I've tried to make this as realistic as possible, but then again, who knows what fate has in store for us when the zombies rise.

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  1. It has begun. The und34d h0rd35 swarm through the streets, chasing after the few survivors foolish enough to be outside. What of these common objects will you take from your home?
  2. You need to leave your poorly defended house. What will you take to travel with?
  3. The area you're in is relatively sparse of scum. Theres a large swarm in the distance, and you only have time to enter one building. Do you choose:
  4. Before leaving the house, you had the opportunity to take one of the following:
  5. You cross paths with with two survivors, a mother and a child. The mother has a bloody leg. You:
  6. You come across a planked up house on the highway. You investigate, seeing as there is nary a stumbler in sight. There are survivors inside, and they refuse you entry. You:
  7. You find yourself approaching a small horde3, of about 17 on the road, feeding. Upon your approach, several look up and limp towards your direction.
  8. You pass by a shopping mall. It doesn't seem to be barricaded, so maybe it's unoccupied...
  9. After a while of traveling, you encounter a rather large swarm. I mean huge. You try to turn around and leave the are but they've flanked you! (by chance, not tactical maneuver). There are several buildings. Which do you enter?
  10. You've crashed your vehicle, and/or your bike has slashed a tire on broken glass. You're now on foot, and the closest secure-looking building is a pub, about 100m away, with barred windows to stop thieves. However, all around are widely spread zombies. Se

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