If 2012 is real,would you survive?

2012 is supposted to be "the end of the world."I don't believe 2012 because God never said anything about it in the Bible.It does say there is a end of time,but it doesn't give us a date.They say it's the end of the world because they Mayan Calendar ends on December 21,2012.But i don't believe that it's the end like i said.And then some lady named Nancy Leider said that she could "talk to aliens in her head" and she said they would come in 2003 but they didn't so now she's saying they will come on 2012.

Do you have what it takes to survive 2012?The so called end of time.Take this test to find out.REMEMBER,2012 is fake,not real.So don't go around on December 21,2012 running around in the street saying it's the end.I made this test for fun.Comment and i will give you a big cup cake:•)

Created by: Love:)

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  1. Ok,you wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy.JK.Ok but you wake up in the morning,you try turning on your t.v,it doesnt work,you try using your internet it doesnt work.what do u do?
  2. Ok you decide to turn on your radio,you hear that aliens from planet x are invading canada already,what do you do?
  3. Ok,you hear on the radio that the aliens are in a city near by where you are what do you do?
  4. Ok the aliens are out of the country,but you took your radio with you,you here theres gonna be a 10 ft. tsunami,and your by the ocean what do you do?
  5. Ok your away from the tsunami,but a 9.8 earthquake hits where your at,your best friend dies what do you do?
  6. Now,your in the mojave desert,it's late at night,you see theres a tornado far in the distance,what now?
  7. Ok you run out of gas in your car,theres a town near by,but they think you have a desease so they dont let you in,what now?
  8. Your really tired and you and ur friends have no fire to warm up ur food,wat now?
  9. Its the morning of the next day,you see a group of people walk by,they ask if they can follow you guys,and you recognize them as your neighbors?
  10. Your walking with your neighbors and friends,you encounter a twinky factory,wat now?
  11. Ok,a meteor hits earth,the size of africa,wat now?

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