Will you survive 2012?

There are many people in our world. the question is.. who will survive? who will save,beat,rescue,get to shelter.are you smart, talented,strong, or in control? i guess we can only find out if you take this quiz!

Are you calm. Do you have what it takes to survive 2012? to save your family, to be out of harm when the earth dies. In just a few secounds you will surely find out.

Created by: emiko
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  1. IT is 2012 and You turn on the tv and all channels are extreme news reports that indicate the world is starting to end, what do you do?
  2. you quickly get in your car..
  3. lets say you are in seattle and you just happen to be in the space needle! what shall you do?
  4. A giant metal pole falls on your face, YOU..
  5. the weather is drastically changing to below freezing, what do you do?
  6. do you think 2012 will really happen?
  7. what color is your underwear?
  8. A little boy is hurt and all alone crying and asks for your help, your trying to get to your family and you have to hurry..
  9. peope are going crazy and killng eachother and robbing banks, everything is out of control let alone the world..you need to get your daughters life saving medicine in the killer infested drug store or she will die..you..
  10. This is the 12th, and LAST question..WILL YOU SURVIVEEEEE????

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Quiz topic: Will I survive 2012?