Can U Survive:Alien Invasion. by Cooling

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Do aliens exist? Maybe they do , but what would you do if an invasion is going to happen? Take this quiz to see whether you survive in the invasion. Bye.

So how well are you we must find out in a few minutes. If you did good, I am proud of you. If bad, try and improve your skills. Please rate more stars than I expect.

Created by: cooling
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  1. One day you start seeing UFOs in the sky. You know there is going to be a battle. What do buy before war?
  2. Your family survives by hiding. When you come out you see only destruction. Are you taking revenge?
  3. You and your family start shooting those aliens and UFOs. When one of them was a baby alien, would you kill it?
  4. The sky just got clear. Then suddenly, around 500 UFOs start to come to your location. What would you do?
  5. Now you and your family takes rest. What are you thinking?
  6. After the sky gets clear again, your family meets your enemy's family. They have more food you have more armor. Would you team up?
  7. Whatever you chose they come with your family. Now its night, everyone is asleep. An UFO comes and pulls you inside. What would you do?
  8. You are still in the UFO, now they point at some western country. You get to know they are going there. You finally escape, now what?
  9. You, your family and the other family succeed to protect the west. When one alien comes and shoots the other family's son. The son dies. Taking revenge?
  10. You and both the family bury that dead member. Now you destroy the captain ship, the main ship. Now it is all over, are you happy?
  11. Its all over, but did you survive? We must find out.

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