What Kind of Lifestyle Will You End Up With?

What will your life be like? Will you be rich and famous? Or holed up in your parents basement? Can you figure it out? I'll help you. . . Be honest now we can't have any slackers or cheaters please. Welcome to my quiz of your future.

A nerd, a writer, an actress? Let's find out. . . Maybe you will be in prison for the rest of your life. Or a high payed doctor or scientist, will you cure cancer? Or maybe you will spend your life playing ten year old video games. Who knows?

Created by: Kritty
  1. Do you have a hobby?
  2. How Hott are you?
  3. What is a Python?
  4. How do you spend money, honey?
  5. What about them kids?
  6. What have you done illegally, lately?
  7. Shall we go bar hopping?
  8. Who would you sleep with?
  9. Are you a good listener?
  10. Do you love a good challenge?

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Lifestyle will I End Up With?