who you might become by living like you do now

You choose to live your life the way you do, and your actions bring great pain but also great happiness. You would like to see where your lifestyle is taking you...what are the possibilites for your future?

do you live dangerously? are you just the ordinary? do you think before you act? are you happy? take this test to guess where your lifestyle is taking you.

Created by: Damien
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  1. Do you enjoy sexual activity to the point where it may dominate your lifestyle?
  2. Do you act on impulse most of the time rather than thinking things through because it gives you a sense of enjoyment or pleasure?
  3. Do you find your personal satisfaction to be more important than most other things in your life, including other people and their feelings towards you?
  4. Do people consider you to be arrogant, self centered, inconsiderate of others, troubled or damaged, and or either lost or dangerous?
  5. Do you consider any of these sins to be pertaining to you? pride lust greed wrath
  6. Do you enjoy sleeping around or keeping your options open rather than engaging in a deeper emotional and physical relationship with a significant other?
  7. Do you have a daunting temper..one that is enough to ruin relationships with others or start significant trouble?
  8. Choose: 1.Sex, money, power, temporary happiness that is somewhat highly satisfying. 2.Sex, stable relationships, possibly love. 3. Love, happiness, stable lifestyle without the edge of living a carefree, somewhat selfish life. 4. Sex, and lots of it with many attractive partners.
  9. Do you have many regrets or wish you did things a little different?
  10. do you love taking risks in order to feel great? even if that feeling is only temporary?

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